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Flat or office rents in Dhaka can exceed normal limits when you have very little experience of the present scenario. Afraid? These easy tips to negotiate your rent will make your life easier and improve your negotiating ability. Adapting a straightforward and practical tone can help too, but not when the land has a high demand. Many of us don’t have what it takes to negotiate about the rent amount. But don’t worry, as we have the best renting deals anywhere at GulshanBanani, and Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. In the meantime, know how you can decrease your rent even a small percentage of it below.

Top Negotiating tips for a low renting price

To negotiate on the pricing, you need to have to stand up and know what you want. However, if you stomp your foot down and ask for more than a middle group, you might end up losing money. So what to do now? Try reading these 07 best negotiating tips for decreasing the rent.


01. Time of Negotiation

The rental market fluctuates with time. So, finding the right time to negotiate your price is important. In the middle of the year, you should get a better chance of negotiating with the landlord. In places like Dhaka, people tend to book their apartments during the initial phase of the year. Demand decreases, and prices of rental apartments decline a little.

02. Knowing your demands before renting

A rental apartment may have a low price point, but a landlord can charge you for anything he thinks unlawful. For example, the landlord can ask money for parking your car, garage, storage unit, security deposit, and so on.

In Dhaka, a waived pet fee can come to you as a pain if you don’t know your requirements. You can come up with a money-saving plan if your landlord doesn’t provide you with everything. Just negotiate on those bases and find a middle ground.

03. Make a return offer

Demanding what you want may not always work for some tenants. You can try making an offer on anything like prepaying months in advance, deal for referrals, signing a lease, etc. Anything that will interest your landlord will do. If you show your landlord a return offer, he should have no problem lowering your rent.

04. Try making an agreement sheet

Here comes the fun part. People speak better with a pen and paper. So, writing down what you want and what you are offering will save both time and effort. However, you can just shove whatever you want and try being reasonable.

Getting professional help like, Rents.com.bd will improve your tone and make everything error-free. Rule of the thumb, make it easy on your landlord.

05. Use the law in your favour

A tenant has some rights over the rented apartment, and any violation of it can be a problem for the landlord. Though this is a rare practice, you can get something out of your landlord using it. Every landlord should set up a landlord-tenant agreement, and you should read everything carefully before signing up.

06. Give the landlord a long-term agreement

Offering a long-term agreement to the landlord can help boost your chances of lower rent. People who buy in bulk and often get the cheapest rates. Similarly, if you choose to take place on a long-term lease, you will get the lowest rental price.

07. Find a middle ground that works for both

Now comes the best part. A landlord-tenant relationship flourishes in a middle-ground position. Though you need to be strong and have a commanding tone, sometimes leaving your landlord some space will help. Doing so will let your landlord overthink the conditions, which will lead to a lower rental tag. However, if you don’t give him any room, you may end up with nothing at all.

Can you haggle rent prices?

You can haggle rent prices if you follow the middle ground technique. Finding a sweet spot for both you and your landlord is the key to negotiate your rent. If you don’t do so, the landlord may not consider your request, increasing the price even more.


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