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Developed infrastructure, planned roads, big shopping mall, quality educational institute, and peaceful environment has made Banani one of the most demanded residential zones in Dhaka city.


Considering those advantages lots of people are willing to find out apartments for sale in Banani. As far as I can assume, you are also eager to find luxury apartments for sale in Banani at an affordable price.


Having an Apartment in Banani will be beneficial both for residential use and real estate investment. The Rent team is devoted to assisting you with that. We will make sure that you will be able to find the best apartment within your budget.


Apartment For Sale in Banani- Are There Any Advantages?


apartments for sale in Banani


While searching for an Apartment for Sale, buyers have some key criteria. If you choose Banani to get settled, you will get some excellent advantages such as a high standard of living, calm environment, parks, and popular restaurants for spending holidays, etc. You can easily move to other areas of Dhaka.


As it’s an elite place to live in Dhaka, you don’t have to be concerned about security issues. Overall, buying an apartment in Banani will be a smart decision. However, how to find apartment for sale in Road no 4 or other places in Banani? Allow me to give you the answer.


Find Affordable Apartments For Sell in Banani


Considering lots of facilities buyers and Real Estate Investors get interested to buy apartments in Banani. As the demand is sky-high, you might be worried about finding the suitable one for you. We can feel your concern and comes up with the best solution. Thankfully, you can find affordable apartments, luxury apartments, and used apartments for sale in Banani through our online rental portal. Along with this, you can also find affordable 2-bedroom Apartments, 3-bedroom Apartments for sale in Banani, 4-bedroom apartments.


Therefore, you have several options to find the most suitable one according to your budget. Real Estate Service by the Rents Team will make your experience even better. Visit our Homepage now and search for your desired apartment for sale in Banani. Click on the search result and ask for the owner’s contact information for further proceedings. You can also call directly or chat on Whatsapp for the quickest response.


Apartments for Sale in Banani- Luxury Apartments With Modern Facilities


There are some people who don’t want to limit their requirements within four walls and a parking space. If you want to enjoy an elite lifestyle, only luxury apartments can fulfill your needs. Through our real estate service, you can find luxury apartments for sales having all modern facilities. You can expect Gym, Swimming pool and Garden. Those facilities will allow you to lead the lifestyle that you would have expected.


Should You Buy Used Apartments?


Dhaka is a crowded city having more than 2 crores of population. It’s nearly impossible to find a suitable place for constructing new apartments. In that case, buying a used apartment can be the best alternative solution to meet your requirements. Let’s talk about some advantages that you can get through choosing a used apartment.


  • Better Choice For Real Estate Investors


Are you interested in real estate investment? Buying a used Flat will allow you to make more profit. Moreover, opportunities are high for the developed model town like Banani. You don’t have to wait for a long time to sell an apartment at a better price. Meanwhile, you can also use the apartment for rent or residential use. However, you need to be selective to make it a better deal. You can expect full support from the Rents team. 


  • Get More Value Than You Pay


Most of the time used apartments come with renovation work. Therefore, you won’t have to spend extra on renovation. That will save your budget. Those facilities ensure that you get more value than you pay. At this point, you should inspect the renovation work whether it suits you or not. If everything goes fine, it will be a better deal for both ends.


  • Budget-Friendly Choice


Would you like to have an apartment within a standard budget? Choosing used apartments for sale in Banani can save you money. The Rent team will assist you to make the deal even more budget-friendly. Why are you waiting? Let’s have a look at our latest property selling listings and grab the profitable deal.


Final Words


Looking for any of our real estate services related to property buy, sell or rent? Our support team is waiting to assist you. Don’t hesitate to call us to find the best apartments for sale in Banani and other areas of Dhaka city.




1. What is the average price of a 1920 Sq ft apartment in Banani?


Depending on the amenities the price varies from 2 Crore to 4 Crore.


2. How to find a 4-Bedroom residential apartment for sale in Dhaka?


You can have a look at our property listings to find your dream apartment.


3. Which facilities could I find in a luxury apartment in Banani?


You can expect a swimming pool, gym, proper security, and luxury amenities.

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