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Considering job opportunities, business opportunities, safety, and modern facilities, Baridhara diplomatic zone is one of the best residential places. You can enjoy both luxury amenities and a soothing environment. Are you searching for Apartments for sale in Baridhara? “Rents” is the largest online rental portal of Bangladesh dedicated to assisting buyers with that.


It doesn’t matter which type of Apartment you are looking for. We can assist you in finding semi-furnished apartments, fully furnished apartments, used apartments, and brand-new apartments. Besides, we will help you to make the deal with maintaining proper transparency. Getting excited to find the best affordable apartment for sale? Without making any delay, let’s get started.


Apartments For Sale In Baridhara Dohs


Are you looking for a true residential area in Dhaka to get settled? It’s challenging to find a place that is better than Baridhara. Most of the defense officers of Bangladesh live here. Therefore, you can expect proper security. Along with the defense officers, apartments are also available for general civilians. Do you know how to find affordable apartments for sale in Baridhara Dohs?


You just need to visit and search for your preferable properties. Right at the top, you will get the option of whether you are looking to rent or buy a property. Also, you get the option to set a specific location to filter your search results. For example, you can set the location as Baridhara Diplomatic Zone to see listings of that area specifically.


Find 4-bedroom Apartments For Sale In Baridhara Dohs Road no 7 and Block J



Apartments for Sale in Baridhara



Searching for 4-bedroom apartments for sale in Baridhara Dohs road no 7 and Block J? You should have a look at our latest listings to get noticed about the best deals. We have completed over 250+ property deals. Would you like to be our next happy client? Click on your preferable listings and talk to the owner for further information. Getting worried about the transparency of the agreement paper?


You can rely on us to take care of that. We’ll check all legal documents on behalf of you. As we are working in this field since 2017, we can assist you to buy a flat within your budget. First-time buyers often make mistakes while negotiating. You can get our expert’s opinion about that so that you don’t make a similar mistake.


4 Mistake Most Of The Buyers Make While Looking For Apartments For Sale And How To Avoid


  • Forget To Analyze Deeply


Buying an apartment is not only about picking an apartment that meets the budget. There are also some factors that you should analyze deeply. Otherwise, you might regret it after buying your apartment. For example, when you are browsing apartments for sale in Baridhara diplomatic zone, you should analyze the distance from the apartment to your work point, groceries, educational institute, hospitals, and market. Also, you ought to check the route at random times so that you get the exact time to reach your destination.


  • Forget to Check Neighborhood


Unfortunately, most of the buyers forget to check the neighborhood while searching for apartments. It’s important to check whether the neighborhood is safe or not. You can’t get the proper idea about that just by visiting once. Buyers can visit at random times to know about the noise level, lights, and security of that area. You can also ask other residents for proper information. Besides, you can talk to nearby stores. After getting satisfactory information, you can proceed forward.


  • Not Calculating Additional Expenses


After buying an apartment, you have to pay some other additional expenses every month. For example, there will be internet bills, gas bills, water bills, security charges, and other maintenance costs. These costs vary in different places. When you are looking for a Luxury apartment, used apartment, or affordable apartment for sale, you should calculate those expenses and compare them with your actual budget.


  • Not Checking Damages


Before you make the final deal, you should inspect the apartment and check for damages. If you find any damages, talk to the owner about that. Also, ask him about repairing the damages. If you have to pay for the repair, you ought to add the expense to your total budget. Also, ask the owner for permission for any further replacement.


Final Words


Finding apartments for sale in Baridhara can be difficult if you approach them in typical ways. Contact the Rents team to make it convenient for you. We can assure you that you will be able to find the best suitable apartment for you.





1. How can I choose a suitable apartment?


You can choose the suitable apartment for you based on your budget, preferable areas, and type of apartment.


2. How much does it cost to buy an Apartment in Baridhara?


The actual price can vary from 70 Lakh BDT to 25+ Crore BDT.


3. Which one is the better place to live between Gulshan and Baridhara?


Both are equally good for living in their own perspectives. You can choose based on the distance of your work point.

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