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A Brief Overview of Restaurants Space Rent In Banani

The restaurant business is skyrocketing in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka city. People are now extremely busy with their tight schedules, so preparing food at home is quite challenging. Moreover, for the meeting, gathering, party, celebration, etc., people are looking for a quiet place. Here the restaurant plays a significant role.

However, Banani is one of the vibrant places inside Dhaka city. You can see hustling and bustling every second except the late night. From all points of view, Banani is a perfect place to set up a restaurant. But the tricky part is how you can find Restaurants Space Rent In Banani or restaurants space rent in Gulshan . As it seems really challenging, we are here to simplify it, so stay with us.

Why You set up a Restaurant in Banani?

A perfect place is the main criteria for commencing a restaurant business. So, how we attach the perfect tag with Banani for starting a restaurant business? Here are all behind that query.


Banani is a popular city center, having some top private universities and residential areas. Therefore you could easily assume the demographic condition of this place. Due to having offices, universities, and residential areas, you can expect all types of age-class gatherings.
That’s the main trigger of making the Banani area lucrative to set up the restaurant. If you can set up a restaurant here, you can easily attract the students, office comers, and so on.


Transportation is another point that needs to consider commencing a restaurant business. Undoubtedly, you expect people from outside Banani, so transportation is really important in this case. Luckily, you will find an easy commuting network from any part of Dhaka with Banani. You can easily come to this place by bus, private car, CNG, Cab or bike. Interestingly, Banani has a particular bus service commuting inside the Banani area named “Dhaka Caka.”


Like Gulshan, Baridhara, and Dhanmondi, the name Banani is linked to a sense of pride. If you can manage the restaurant space herein, it will hopefully uplift your restaurant’s goodwill. Besides, you can take this prestige advantage to familiar your brand among the people, which is quite difficult outside Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, and Dhanmondi.


Although the Banani area is one of the crowded places, the hustling and bustling not like the Farmgate, the environment is quiet, but not so much. However, you can manage a calm climate hopefully in some particular area of Banani.

Shopping Mall

After spending a long time shopping, people want to take some rest or eat something. The majority of the shopping mall doesn’t have sitting space. Therefore people are forced to get into restaurants. Naturally, when someone enters the restaurant, he/she order something to eat.

In this way, you may see or know that shopping malls become one of the best triggers to get customers for restaurants. In the Banani area, you may see many shopping malls, and it is a good sign for those who wish to set up a restaurant herein.


After the Holyartisan attack, the government has been taking adequate security measures in this area. It also can be a point that will help to rent space for a restaurant in Banani.

What do you Think while taking Restaurants Space In Banani?

Only selecting the restaurant’s space isn’t finishing your setup journey; instead, you have to look at some points before going to the final deal. From the following, you can get those.

Rent and Deposit amount

Whatever you wish to take as rent, you have to initially pay a good amount of taka as a deposit. This deposit amount varies with space, location, decoration, etc. You can easily get the rent and deposit amount from the rentsbd online platform. After seeing the amount, you have to decide can it bearable for a long time or not.


If you find eye-catchy decorated space, you will go obviously one step ahead otherwise you have to do it yourself. However, the majority want to design the interior based on the owner’s preferences. On the other hand, the exterior decoration also matters much for a restaurant.

Utility facilities

Restaurant demand uninterrupted gas, electricity, and internet connection. Moreover, if your restaurant lies on the rooftop or 3rd higher floor, you need an excellent elevating system. That’s why when you are going to finalize the deal, you have to make sure all those facilities before.

Outside Banner or Poster

Although you run a campaign on social media, you have to hang an eye-catchy banner outside. That banner or sign will make your restaurant noticeable from the outside. So, before renting, you have to examine such a facility.

Easy commuting

People have lots of options to choose a restaurant so, they want to go to a restaurant situated in an easy location. That’s why it will be better for you to choose a location where anyone can go easily, especially the roadside place or in the shopping mall gate or on the 1st floor.

How do Renstbd help you in Restaurants Space Rent In Banani?

Finding a perfect space for a restaurant is really a challenging task because you have to match many things. Also, that task consumes your valuable time. Rentsbd is such a platform that is developed to help you in this arena. It collected the most authentic information on the rental items and is posted those on the website. You can easily collect data from here and can compare prices and facilities.

Moreover, the rentsbd acts as a middleman and helps to make a secure deal. You can remain tension-free from hidden charge related trap. If you need space for a restaurant, you can visit this site to choose your dream place.

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