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Everything you need to know about renting restaurants space in Gulshan

Someplace from Dhaka will provide you the name advantage. Whatever you set up on there like office, shop or restaurant, you don’t need to spend more on branding. Such a place name is Gulshan. The majority of the company’s office and some renowned schools and colleges have establishment herein. That’s why Gulshan always remains vibrant for people’s footprint.
For all this, Gulshan is a lucrative place for setting up a restaurant business. But a matter of fact is choosing restaurants space rent in Gulshan is quite difficult. Moreover, it demands your valuable time, indeed.

Don’t worry; we are here to simplify all the hacks of renting a restaurant space in the Gulshan area.

Why do You Choose Gulshan Area to set up Your Restaurant Business?

Gulshan is the wealthiest place, and this name brings a sense of pride as well. Here we will talk about why you choose Gulshan for starting a restaurant business.


As I have noted, the most renowned company’s office and some renowned schools and colleges are situated in the Gulshan area. That’s why you can expect a considerable amount of customer flow herein. Moreover, you can attract residential customers by providing home service.

Name Advantage

We already notify you Gulshan itself uplift your brand value through its name. Here you will find some of the renowned restaurants which don’t need to do branding much. Due to this name advantage, you have the possibility to get elite class customers.

Easy Commuting

Luckily, you can come to Gulshan from anywhere in Dhaka by bus, CNG, motorcycle, private car, and so on. Here you will find enough transportation facility till midnight. Moreover, here operate a particular bus service named “Dhaka Caka.”


After the Holiartisan incident, the government has been taking many protective measures to ensure security. As a part of security, here you will find the checkpoint, police patrol, etc. Moreover, here lies the foreign diplomat office and consulate, and those also a reason behind the tight security.

Serene Environment

Although Dhaka city isn’t a well-decorated city, the Gulshan area is slightly different. Inside the Gulshan area, you will find spacious roads, enough trees, a lake, parks, and nice pavement- all those make the environment quiet. That also one of the triggers of attracting customers to the restaurant.


A restaurant requires uninterrupted utility services, such as gas, electricity, water. Hopefully, you can easily get all those facilities because it gets special attention among the service providers.

What do you consider before renting a restaurant space in Gulshan?

We will introduce you to several things you need to focus on while renting a Gulshan restaurant space. So, let’s see in the following section.

Deposit and rent amount

Similar to the apartment and office, you have to pay some taka in advance as a deposit amount. This advance payment depends on the restaurant location, size, decoration, etc. Luckily, you can get that amount from the renstbd online platform. So, you have to think that “can you bear that amount or not.”

However, the amount of rent also needs to consider, such as whether you can continue the payment.


Although you take rent in the Gulshan area, you have to pay attention to some points like the roadside, comfortable commuting facility, crowded place, near or inside the shopping mall, etc. Though you take space in an elite location, there is a possibility of customers come here in their car. That’s why you have better to look at the place with a parking facility.

Outside banner or digital sign facility

The outside banner or digital sign decoration is one of the triggers of attracting customers. So, when you go for renting space for your restaurant, you have to examine whether they have such space or not.

Interior and exterior decoration

The interior and exterior decoration is a must-have thing for a restaurant. Although you have the option to decorate the restaurant’s inside nicely, the outside decoration also matters much because it will create a positive vibe for the restaurant.

Utility facility

Under the utility facilities, you have to look at the uninterrupted electricity, water, and gas facilities. You can use a cylinder instead of a line gas, but other things should be ensured.

However, if your space lies on the rooftop or above the 2nd floor, you have to ensure an uninterrupted elevator facility.

How does Rentsbd help you renting a restaurant space in Gulshan?

As you may already get restaurants space rent in Gulshan or restaurants space rent in banani  are a tiresome and time-consuming task. But with the help of rentsbd, you can make that task easy. Rentsbd is an online platform where you will find the office, commercial, and restaurant space-related authentic and details information. You can find the location-based data and compare the facilities; afterward, the renting will become easy.

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