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Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka offers lots of opportunities and advantages to its residents. Well education, job and business opportunities have made the city a preferable place for living. Are you already settled in Dhaka or thinking about getting settled here? Both for living and investment purposes, buying a flat will be a smart move.


At the same time, you may find it challenging to search for a Flat for Sale in Dhaka. While finding a flat sale in Dhaka isn’t only about considering the way it looks or how much it costs. There are also some facts that you should consider otherwise you may have to regret later after buying. Through this article, you are going to find out those tips about finding affordable apartments for sale in Dhaka.


7 Tips For Finding Flat For Sale In Dhaka



Flat For Sale In Dhaka



  • Set Your Budget


First of all, you ought to define your budget. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Particularly, you might get confused if this is the first time you are going to buy a flat. Calculate your budget and look for flats within that budget. Most importantly, set a maximum budget that you can afford for your flat. When you approach in that manner, most probably you will make a better decision while choosing your flat.


  • Select Your Location


Dhaka is a big city having more than 75 wards. Seeing hundreds of flats here and there will make you confused. More likely, you will end up making a wrong decision. What should you do then? Well, based on your work destination, communication advantages, and development of an area you should select your preferred location. You should consider which place is going to provide you with more comfort and benefits in the long term.


  • Define Your Requirements


Different types of people have random requirements according to their choice. To find the best flat for sale in Dhaka, you have to define your specific requirements. you have to be realistic while defining requirements considering budget, area, and type of flat. Later on, you can figure out the best flat that suits your requirements. Along with the Indore requirements, you ought to think about other outside facts. For example, if you have children, you should consider reputed educational institutes nearby flats.


  • Preferred Size Of Flat


The price of a flat varies according to its size. This is one of the major points to consider how much space you would like to have in your flat. You can decide based on the number of family members you have. Would you like to buy a flat for investment purposes? Then, you should keep in mind the demand of typical Buyers and Tennant. You can go for a 3 bedroom flat or 4-bedroom flat. However, if your budget allows, it’s better to go with the bigger space.


  • Proper Security


Whether you are looking for a flat for sale in Dhaka or Apartments sale in Dhaka, you should choose a flat that is fully secured. Some buyers made a mistake at this point. They only think about the security within the flat. You should also think about the security of that area. Sometimes you may be late to get back home. You can ask other residents of that area to know about how secure the area is.


  • Know About Other Costs


Along with the price of the flat, you should ask about other costs before making the final decision. You should know the exact amount you have to pay. While signing the agreement paper, read it carefully. Is there any other expense included that you’re not informed about? The agreement terms and conditions should be transparent for both parties. Most importantly, you should not make the final decision by seeing a lower price only. If the price seems too much lower than other properties, there might be something wrong.


  • Get Assistance From Real Estate Service Provider


Last but not the least, getting assistance from a real estate service provider such as Rents will be a smart decision. As they have more than 4 years of experience in this field, they can assist you to find the best affordable flat for sale in Dhaka. You can select a flat from their 300+ verified listings based on your demand. Their team will assist you in purchasing the flat maintaining full transparency.



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1. Which one is the best place to live in Dhaka?


Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara are some of the best places to live in Dhaka having modern facilities and planned roads.


2. What is the richest area in Dhaka?


Gulshan is considered the richest area in Dhaka.


3. How much does a flat cost in Dhaka?


It varies from 50 lakh to 20+ Crore BDT.

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