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Buying vs. Renting Office Space In Dhaka: What is The Best Investment?

When it comes to renting vs. buying an office space, you can't always pick an easy answer. Both renting and buying have their benefits, but it depends on you to make it bloom. So, which one is better for all offices? Buying a space will keep you tension-free from all homeowner trouble. But you have to ensure space and fulfill all the corners of office demand. Renting a space will eliminate all location...

Commercial space for rent in Gulshan

Furnished or Unfurnished office space rent in Dhaka? 03 Things You Will Need To Know

When you are growing your business in the heart of Dhaka (Gulshan, Banani or Baridhara) then setting up your office is the first thing to consider.┬áSo, a hasty decision will ruin your business especially, when it comes to choosing between furnished or unfurnished office space rent in Dhaka.   By the way, both of them have different pros and cons. As an entrepreneur, you must go through the SWOT...

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