Welcome To Rents

RENTS Corporation, first dedicated rental portal and pioneer PropTech startup in Bangladesh that founded in backend 2013 and launched its official website in 2015. We believe only technology can make people life easy and simple

Our mission

Our mission 'to provide a better experience about Buy-Rent-Invest in the real estate industry in Bangladesh'.

Our vision

Our vision is very simple 'solve people's real estate problems through PropTech'. Nowadays people are getting very busy and every second are valuable cause time is money. They haven't enough time to search apartment or office To-Let in different locations, as well as property owner wants to Sell or Rent their property without any annoying call from To-Let or signboards at their very important office meeting time or their personal moment. In this situation, we believe only PropTech can give them the best solution. So we develop the platform where the tenant can get their desired property without wasting any time & money And the property owner can get a verified tenant without any disturbing call/ To-Let hassle. So Rents.com.bd ensured the best property management solution for tenant & owner as well as made their life productive, simple and comfortable. Our core philosophy is, Trust & Transparency