Gulshan - Things You Need To Know

In early 1961, the municipal corporation founded Gulshan as a planned model town. It is located just at the bedside of Banani model town. Being a planned model town, it offers some great advantages to its residents and visitors that are pretty rare to find in other areas of Dhaka city.

Through this article, we are going to inform you of those special factors about Gulshan that you should know about. Particularly, if you are going to get settled in Gulshan, that information and facilities will assist you in making the final call. Let me inform you about its geographic location.

Where Is Gulshan Exactly Situated? 

Having 53.59 square Km and three different wards, the Gulshan thana is situated in North Dhaka near the Banani model town and covered by Gulshan lake. Gulshan is a combination of the residential area, commercial area, and diplomatic zone. It includes Gulshan circle 1, circle 2, and Gulshan model town. 

Lots of offices, commercial spaces, and embassies are located in Gulshan as it is an upper-class living place. Also, you will find restaurants, shopping malls, and 5-star hotels that attract visitors and foreigners. Considering its geographical location and facilities, Gulshan is one of those few places that are equally good as a commercial area and residential area.

How Secure Is Gulshan To Live and Visit? 

As Gulshan is a planned model town, your expectation will be high when it comes to security issues and living facilities. Thankfully, Gulshan is the perfect secure place that will fulfill your expectations related to those things. Are there any of your familiar ones that live in Gulshan? If you ask any of its residents about security, surely most of them will provide you with positive feedback. High-standard security and modern lifestyle facilities have formed Gulshan as a secure place to live and visit within Dhaka city.

Foreign embassies, international standard hotels, motels, educational institutes, universities, and reputed companies are located in Gulshan. At the same time, most celebrities, actors, VIPs, well-reputed businessmen, and successful entrepreneurs live here. Tourists and foreigners stay in the hotel located in Gulshan. Special areas of Gulshan are covered by CCTV Cameras. Considering all those factors, Gulshan is a fully secure place to live and visit.

Should I Buy or Rent A Flat In Gulshan? 

Now, it’s the time to answer a commonly asked question, “should you buy or rent a Flat in Gulshan Dhaka?”. I am going to give you a straightforward answer. If you can afford it, you should definitely buy a flat in Gulshan or Rent an Apartment in Gulshan without any hesitation. You have the option to choose from a fully furnished apartment, semi-furnished apartment, luxury apartment, and regular apartment. You need to figure out your requirements and choose the apartment that meets your needs.


5 Best Places To Visit in Gulshan 

At this point, you might be feeling interested to visit Gulshan and have a look at the best places in Gulshan. For your convenience, I have listed the 5 best places to visit in Gulshan. Here you go.

1. Jamuna Future Park Shopping Mall 

Having more than 500+ stores and occupying 4,100,000 square feet, the Jamuna Future Park is the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh and south Asia. Also, it is the 24th biggest mall in the world. If you have ever been to Gulshan, you should visit Jamuna Future Park. Park and Shopping mall are located side by side. You can spend quality time in the park and enjoy your off day. You can find clothing items, cosmetics, smartphones, ornaments, jewelry stores, and food stores. It is situated at progoti sarani road of kuril. You can visit the shopping mall by bus, car, or rickshaw.

2. Gulshan Lake Park 

Whether it is day or night, visiting the Gulshan lake park will make you feel fresh anytime. The park opens at 6 AM and closes at 10 pm. The exact location of the park is RC25+HWG, road number 63, Dhaka 1212. The place features small ponds, greenery, benches, and a circular path for walking. When you get bored with your tight busy schedule, you can have a walk there to feel better. You can forget all of your worries and stress for some time. Are you ready to take a breath in the fresh air? Well, we have got some more amazing places for you.

3. Hatirjheel

Want to speed quality time in a lake covered by greenery? Hatirjheel will be a suitable location for you. Also, you can have a ride here at the lake. It is located beside the Police Plaza Concord shopping mall. Do you know the history behind its name? Let me inform you of it. In the past, the elephant of Pilkhana took baths in that lake. Therefore, this beautiful lake is named “Hatirjheel”. When you visit this lake, you can also take a ride on the bus to have a look at the entire area around the lake.

4. Bird’s Eye Roof Top Restaurant

If you are a food lover, you might be looking for a restaurant that will offer you a beautiful view and quality food at the same time. Considering both of those factors, you can visit Bird’s Eye Roof Top Restaurant to have some food under the open sky. The good thing is you can enjoy the beauty of Gulshan from a bird’s eye view. That will enhance your experience of visiting Gulshan. What about the food menu? Well, you will get Thai, Chinese, and Indian food.

5. Pink City Shopping Mall 

The Pink City Shopping Mall is located at Gulshan Ave, Dhaka 1212. It is situated just at the opposite Westin Hotel. You will get authentic beauty products and cosmetic products. Also, jewelry shops, clothing shops, Pakistani dresses, Indian dresses, shoes, and Fashion accessories are available here. Particularly, this shopping mall is popular for ladies’ items.


7 Factors That Make Gulshan A Better Living Place

Along with those places, there are 7 key factors that make Gulshan thana eligible as a better living place.

● Elite Surroundings 

Who doesn’t want to stay away from the noisy surroundings of Dhaka city? But you won’t get that facility in most of the residential areas within the city. Thankfully, Gulshan is different from those places and offers you an elite surrounding that makes it a better place to live. It offers its residents and visitors Planned roads, a clean environment, no extra noise, and no environmental pollution or air pollution.

Is there anywhere else where you could get so many facilities? Within Dhaka city, you won’t get such facilities in any other commercial and residential areas. Therefore, Gulshan is the top choice of prestigious people to live in Dhaka. With beautiful lakes, trendy restaurants, gyms, hotels, and embassies you will find everything that is required to lead a modern lifestyle.

● Easy To Move 

When we look for a suitable place to live, all of us think about accessibility. From that point of view, Gulshan comes into the top list. From here, you can easily access any areas within and outside of Dhaka city. Bus, car, rickshaw, and ridesharing services are available to easily move anywhere. Also, you can visit Gulshan easily from anywhere in Dhaka.

Another advantage of living in Gulshan is you will find everything right at the door. Supershop, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and groceries are easily accessible. You won’t have to move too far to find anything. You will get everything nearby.

● A True Planned Model Town 

Being a planned model town, Gulshan offers some excellent prominent facilities. First of all, you will get facilities such as a central location, public transport, security, parks and fields, commercial markets, cafes, restaurants, and other amenities. Most of the residential areas claimed to be model towns but don’t provide such facilities.

In Gulshan, you are going to get the proper facilities of a well-planned model town. You may have to spend a bit more to live in Gulshan. But overall, the facilities it provides are worth the extra money.

● Education and Healthcare Facility 

Without proper education and modern healthcare facilities, we can not consider any area a better place to live. Like other faculties, the residents of Gulshan get the opportunity to study in reputed educational institutes. Schools, colleges, universities, and Madrasas are available for proper education. Lots of universities are located in Gulshan such as American International University-Bangladesh, Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology, BRAC University, Southeast University, East West University, Presidency University, Northern University Bangladesh, and Manarat International University.

You will also get a better healthcare facility. United Hospital Limited, LAB AID, BIEDEM, Cure Medical Center, York Hospital, and BGMEA HEALTH CENTER hospitals are located in Gulshan. All of those hospitals have the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities.

● Secured Environment 

You can travel to any place at any time without having any safety issues. As we have mentioned earlier, it is a top demandable place for living in Dhaka. Being the top choice, residents and visitors in Gulshan can enjoy the freedom to pursue their daily tasks without worrying about violence or criminal affairs. Who doesn’t want to live with his family in a secure environment? Gulshan will be a suitable place to make this happen.

A secure environment is essential for both children and adults. You can produce your best efforts when you feel safe. Therefore, people who live in a secure environment tend to be more productive. Are you ready to join the elite list?

● Recreation Centers 

Last but not the least, recreational activities are essential for physical and mental health. It is important to kids for the growth of their mental health. At the same time, recreational activities are also important for youth and adults to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body composition, and develop muscular strength. In Gulshan, you are going to get enough facilities for recreation.

Gulshan lake park, Hatirjheel, and Jamuna Future Park are available to spend your leisure time and holiday. Playgrounds, Swimming pools, tennis courts, and athletic facilities are also available in Gulshan. 

● Suitable For Tourists and Foreigners

Most tourists and foreigners prefer to stay in Gulshan while visiting Bangladesh. Luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, shopping malls, and developed infrastructure attracts foreigners to stay here. Also, this is the safest place in Dhaka city for tourists. 20+ embassies are located in Gulshan. It is such a place that’s developed from every perspective.

Shopping malls like DCC Market and Unimart Supermarket make Gulshan a bit more attractive for tourists. The Unimart supermarket is available both online and offline. You can purchase foods, fish, meat, vegetables, grocery, household, home decor, and personal care products.


Top 5 Best Hotels In Gulshan 


1. The Westin Dhaka 

The Westin Dhaka is located in the main Gulshan avenue. It will take less than 10 minutes to go to this hotel from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. You will get a serene environment here along with restaurants and a swimming pool. Seating area, tea coffee maker, and flat-screen TV’s are available in the room. Also, you will get local, Italian and Asian cuisines. It will cost you nearly 15000 BDT per night to stay here.

Location: Main Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212 

2. Amari Dhaka

Having an outdoor swimming pool and fitness center, “Amari Dhaka” is our first choice of the best hotels in Gulshan. In this hotel, you will get luxurious rooms with premium facilities. 24/7 front desk is available to assist guests with any needs. It also has a restaurant. The interior environment is tremendously good. You have to pay around 15000 BDT per night to stay here.

Location: 47, Road No 41, Gulshan-2, Gulshan, 1212 Dhaka

3. THE WAY Dhaka

The WAY Dhaka is another premium quality hotel located in Gulshan 2. A swimming pool and fitness center are available here. Other facilities like free WiFi, tea coffee maker, and private parking are also available. The good thing is the car hiring feature is available here so you don’t have to go anywhere else for this reason. They charge around 10000 BDT per night to stay here. Many foreigners stay in this hotel while visiting Gulshan.

Location: 10/B/2, ROAD 54/B, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212,

4. Doreen Hotel Dhaka Gulshan

In this hotel, you will get a kitchenette with a microwave and an oven in the room. That facility is unique compared to other hotels in Gulshan. Also, they will offer you free private parking. At the same time, a buffet breakfast is also available to make your morning special. A swimming pool and fitness center are included with this hotel. They charge around 10500 BDT per night to stay here.

Location: 6A North Avenue Commercial Area, Gulshan, 1212 Dhaka

5. Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel that will have a big outdoor swimming pool and fitness center, you can check in at Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel. They have 5 different restaurants to serve according to your choice. The quality of their food is considerably good. All of their rooms have a tea or coffee maker. Their price starts at 13804 per night. All rooms have AC and flat wall TV.

Location: 78 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, 1212 Dhaka.


Top 5 Best Restaurants in Gulshan 


1. Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Do you love to eat Japanese Food? Izumi Japanese Kitchen is situated at Gulshan 2. The restaurant is open 7 days a week to offer you an awesome experience of having tasty food. Along with the Japanese food, you will also get grilled chicken, nuns, burgers, and desserts. The interior design of this restaurant, behavior, food serving, and quality is pretty satisfying.

Location: House 24C, Road 113, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

2. Bella Italia, Gulshan 

“Bella Italia” is our second pick as the top restaurant in Gulshan. If you want to go to a restaurant with your family or group of friends, you can choose this restaurant. The reason behind the recommendation is the variety of items it offers. In Particular, they serve delicious pizza at an affordable price. Along with that, drinks, desserts, and fresh juice are also available here. 

Location: Rangs FC Enclave, 2nd floor, Road 32 Plot 6/A, Gulshan Avenue

3. Star Kebab & Restaurant, Gulshan 

The Star Kebab & Restaurant Gulshan Branch is another popular restaurant that serves tasty food at a budget-friendly price compared to other fancy restaurants. You will get lots of chicken and beef items. To be a bit specific, you will get special kebab, finni, grill, kacchi biryani, lacchi, feluda, and fresh fruit juice. This restaurant is also open every day of the week.

Location: House-15 Rd no. 17, Block- C, Gulshan 

4. The Istanbul Restaurant, Gulshan 

Are you looking for a restaurant that will maintain hygiene rules strictly?

Considering that matter, The Istanbul Restaurant is the place that you can rely on. If you want to have some BBQ items along with friends, you can come to this restaurant. Some popular Turkish foods, ice cream, juices, and cold beverages are available here. Their behavior is very friendly.

Location: House-10, Road-53, Gulshan Circle-2, Weavers Level-6.

5. Owais Food

Last but not the least, Owais food is a restaurant that serves yummy items at a reasonable price. They offer a variety of items so that people who come to this restaurant in groups do not have any problem with the menu. They cover wide items such as soup, grilled chicken, burgers, different combo, steak, cold beverages, hot beverages, pasta, and biryani. You can have dinner here with your family, friends, or relatives.

Location: House- 25(1st floor), Rd No- 11, Block- H, Gulshan


Top 9 Best Universities in Gulshan


● International University Of Scholars – Gulshan

Location: Bulu Ocean Tower, Kemal Ataturk Ave, Dhaka 1213, Banani. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● University of Information Technology & Sciences (U.I.T.S) –

Location: PBL Tower, 17 North Avenue C/A, Circle # 2, Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Manarat International University- Gulshan

Location: Plot CEN #16, Road #106, Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Atish Dipankar University Of Science And Technology – Gulshan

Location: Faisal Tower, 27, Gulshan North C/A, Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Cambrian College – Gulshan

Location: Plot # 2, (4th floor), Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● American International University- (AIUB) – Gulshan

Location: House #83/B, Road #4, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Presidency University – Gulshan

Location: House #11A, Road #92, Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Perdana College – Gulshan

Location: Plot CWS(B), 14 Corner of Road-24 & 33, # 1, Gulshan Model Town. Gulshan. Dhaka.

● Primeasia University – Gulshan

Location: Awal Center (17th floor), 34 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani. Gulshan. Dhaka.


Which Embassies and Diplomatic Missions Are Located In Gulshan? 

• Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
• Australian High Commission
• Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium
• Royal Bhutanese Embassy
• Canadian High Commission
• Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

• Royal Danish Embassy
• Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
• Embassy of the Republic of France
• Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
• Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
• Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
• Embassy of the Republic of Italy
• Embassy of the State of Kuwait
• The People’s Bureau of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
• Malaysian High Commission
• Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
• Embassy of Romania
• Embassy of Saudi Arabia
• Office of the Saudi Military Attache
• Dawa Office, The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
• British High Commission
• Embassy of the United States of America
• Consular Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan
• Delegation of the European Commission
• Consulate of the Republic of Singapore
• Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
• The High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
• Embassy of Sweden
• Royal Thai Embassy
• Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
• Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
• Royal Netherlands Embassy
• Royal Norwegian Embassy
• High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
• Embassy of the State of Palestine
• Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
• Embassy of the Republic of Poland
• Embassy of the State of Qatar
• Embassy of the Russian Federation


Final Words 

That’s all about things you need to know about Gulshan. Hopefully, you have got plenty of knowledge about the location, best places, and local amenities of Gulshan. Do you need any assistance related to an apartment to buy or rent in Gulshan? 

You can contact the Rents team to fulfill your rental requirements in Dhaka city. Is there anything else that you would like to know about Gulshan? Leave your queries in the comment box, and we will respond soon.



Q. Is Gulshan a city?

Yes, Gulshan is considered a city center. It is a well-planned city with a luxury living facility. It’s a prime location for residents, embassies, and corporate offices.

Q. Is Gulshan a good place to live?

Gulshan is the best place to live in Dhaka. It offers a serene environment, affluent residential and business neighborhood.

Q. Where do rich people and influencers live in Bangladesh?

Most of the rich people, VIPs, entrepreneurs, commercially important persons, and influential people prefer to live in Gulshan city.

Q. Which is the cleanest area in Dhaka?

Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, and Bashundhara Residential Area are some of the cleanest residential and commercial areas in Dhaka.

Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Navana Sambilan
Road: 23, Block: A, Banani
3    3    2300 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Road: 36, Gulshan
4    4    3360 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Road: 88, Gulshan
4    4    3700 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Bay Brook Wood A8
Road: 135, Gulshan
3    3    2450 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Road: 32, Gulshan
4    4    2600 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Shanta The Regal
Road: 84, Gulshan
4    4    6500 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Road: 136, Gulshan
4    4    4200 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Shanta The Landing
Road: 141, Gulshan
3    3    4900 Sq Ft sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Navana The Platinum Residence
Road: 71, Gulshan
3    3    3200 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Road: Park Road, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone
3    3    2600 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Borak Park Valley
Road: Park Road, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone
3    3    3500 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Suvastu Rahman Heights
Road: 86, Gulshan
4    4    4100 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Alamin Splendour Fair
Road: 104, Gulshan
4    4    2700 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
ANZ Park Shore
Road: 39, Gulshan
4    4    2800 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Asset Pacifica
Road: 118, Gulshan
3    3    1800 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Bay Brook Wood
Road: 138, Gulshan
3    3    2450 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Bay Lakewood
Road: 57, Gulshan
3    3    3400 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
BTI The Shangrila
Road: 113, Gulshan
03    04    3000 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Concord Kabir Tower
Road: 100, Gulshan
03    03    3500 sq ft
Villa on Hollywood Boulevard
Laila Bhaban
Road: 41, Gulshan
03    03    2200 sq ft