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Apartment Rent In Banani : The Details Guide From Expert Real Estate Agent

Banani has an amazing location in Dhaka to reside in. The connectivity is not only rich but also, you will find many structural business and learning institutions over there. Turns out, people would love to live there to grow their business and to send their offspring to a decent place to study in. In this article, we will share the top 5 reasons why you should live in Banani, after reading between the lines of this article you will get to find Apartment rent in Banani.

The Top 5 Reasons to Apartment Rent In Banani 

The serene and soothing place Banani is always welcoming. Busy and bustling but still it is decorating with the modern fascination. Moreover, Business and top class Universities are opening over there as well. That's why you may look for Apartments for Rent in Banani

Here are the top 5 reasons we have found to share with you:

1. Top-notch amenities:

Banani is a place of amenities for many years. The Armed-based colony was set up over there hence, the place has gotten a lot of gravity from then. Nowadays, many reputed universities have ventured from there, turns out students along with their family love to rent apartments. Moreover, office locations are moving on there as well, due to the amazing decorated apartments. Above all, Banani is a place where you can find your dream to live. 

2. Well-Connectivity:

 There is a proverb that goes “Your Network Is Your Net-worth”. That being said, once you will get the finest connectivity later on you will find a breeze. Here is why, Banani is a place of the Edu-Business hub, where people go and connect to one another.

Keeping this in mind, an Furnished Apartment in Banani will give you the finest spot, indeed. Moreover, the traffic in Banani is moderate where the routes are pretty close and interlinked to another.

3. Secure Place To Live In:

Indeed, Banani is a great place to live in, in terms of security. More or less in every building, you will find a top-class security guard, turns out your apartment would be safe and sound. 

4. Versatile Apartments:

One of the key reasons why you should look for an apartment is to have versatile apartment features. In Banani, you will find a furnished and non-furnished apartment, making you get both amenities. Moreover, in a non-furnished to a furnished apartment, there will be tons of adding features. For example, some apartment comes with the spring outside the balcony. The terracotta design sometime blows your sight. Let not forget the sight-soothing design of the beautiful architecture.

5. Secure Place:

Undoubtedly, Banani is a secured place, where you will get to find GSK forces. They are pretty trained in their manner, turns out, you will find safety no matters in the dark or the day-light. Some areas are even safer, as those areas are pretty restricted. Once you reside over there, then you will get to find the British School of Law, Baridhara Lake School, American International School, and many more. Aside from these, you will find a good number of medical clinics or hospitals in case of emergencies.

The Types Of Amenities Of An Apartment in Banani Would Have:

  • Air-conditioned Guest Reception
  • Video Intercom
  • Fly Proof Net security
  • Central Water Purification Plant
  • Full Back up Generator
  • Landscaped rooftop with sitting and waterbed
  • Full Height Wall Tiles in Kitchen
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Hydrant
  • Tempered Glass Verandah Railings  

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Final Thought

Inside Dhaka, some places offer top-class living facilities, and people are highly eager to live there. Banani is such a place where you will get almost everything for passing a better life. But find a dream apartment is quite difficult to find. Hopefully, our article on apartment rent in Banani will clarify all your queries on renting. If you have any further queries about Apartments & Flats For Rent in Banani, feel free to contact us.