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Apartment For rent in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone : Top 5 Facilities

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is one of the top-notch places to settle up your next business venture. It is situated in the south-west part, where you can upscale your communication. So if you are looking for apartment rent in the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, then you have already made the right decision. Here in this article, we will let you know every ins and out to get a Furnished apartment in the Baridhara area, so stay with us. What Are The Common Facilities While Getting An Apartment Rent In Baridhara?

Here are the following common facilities, which will push you to find an Apartment in Baridhara location:

1. Social Security:

The main reason to set up a living or business location is due to its high social security. Since this place is controlled by BD Armed forces and most of the residents are from X-Armies, here is why you will get the highest security, indeed. For the furnished apartment, we get to see this amazing landing place has both urban and semi-urban spots with amazing serene surroundings.

2. Great Connectivity:

Baridhara has amazing connectivity with the modern location of Dhaka. Once you will get an apartment rent over there then you will have a great connection with the Gulshan, Uttar Badda, Banani, and Bashundhra. These are the gems where people would love to live and enjoy the rich locations. Moreover, this place will allow you to have consistent traffic routes whether it is day or night, hence bus, Pathao , Ubber, Cng, rickshaw are visible there.

3. Education & Business Hubs:

Baridhara is a place where you will not only find rich connectivity but also, it confirms to give you the best learning institutions for your children. Moreover, you can have a business hub as well. Turn out, you will find a happy living there. Once you reside over there, then you will get to find the British School of Law, Baridhara Lake School, American International School, and many more. Aside from these, you will find a good number of medical clinics or hospitals in case of emergencies.

4. Amazing Apartment Amenities:

You will get both furnished and non-furnished apartment in the Baridhara Zone apart from that, you will also get to see more features.

The types of amenities of an Apartment in Baridhara would have the following features:

  • Central Water Purification Plant
  • Full Back up Generator
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Hydrant
  • Air-conditioned Guest Reception
  • Video Intercom Connection
  • Fly Proof Net
  • Tempered Glass Verandah Railings
  • Landscaped rooftop with sitting and waterbed
  • Full Height Wall Tiles in Kitchen

5. Furnished and Non-Furnished Availability:

Thankfully, you will not only get a non-furnished apartment but also, furnished apartment in Baridhara is also available, keep in mind you will get to find the perfect suit. That being said, to sort out which furnished or non-furnished flat, you must make sure the available amenities we have shown above.

After researching on the current status we found that 20% of apartments are non-furnished and the rest of the others are furnished. The rate is a bit higher because it’s a diplomatic zone, which is the safest location. Here is why many foreigners love to stay. Moreover, this place is popular for setting up offices.

How To Find Apartment Rent In Baridhara

If you want to find the right deal, then the best way to look for a perfect consultant, who has been supporting many people for a long time. Moreover, a true consultant knows the wide-array of third parties in order to dig deep and find an amazing apartment for you. Aside from that, having a decent furnished flat is another key-concern, a true consultant will inspect how to find the right guy and thus will guide you through.

Don’t forget to bring a guide when you are going to travel somewhere and don’t forget to take consultancy whenever you are going to rent an apartment in Baridhara. We, RENTS Corporation offer such away, there will be no middle-man or brokers between you and us. Turns out, we assure you the most affordable rent fee for you, so this is the best way to find an apartment, indeed.