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A brief overview of renting a commercial space in Gulshan

Few of the location from Dhaka city will uplift your brand value. Among those, Gulshan is one that has a good brand image since the Pakistan period. Gulshan place in the top list of the wealthiest and affluent places in Dhaka. Apart from the residential area, it is also a popular destination for local and multinational companies. Today, most of the multinational and renowned local companies have head office herein.

Having an office space herein implies you have the possibility to be a neighbor of any of the top companies from Bangladesh or beyond. But isn’t commercial space rent in Gulshan easy yourself?

Throughout this article, we will let you inform all details regarding  commercial space rent in Gulshan.

Why you rent Commercial space in Gulshan?

Gulshan is a popular city center due to providing so many amenities. You can find this place suitable to run any kind of business like a retail shop, office, warehouse space, or a suitable location for a cafe or boutique. So, how we attach the word suitable, to know let’s roll eyes in the following.




When you mention that your office is in Gulshan or told “please visit my office at Gulshan,” both sentences definitely bring a sense of pride. Moreover, having Commercial Space Rent In Banani area implies you possible to deal with the top-class customer. All those things will help to uplift your brand value.


Convenient Location


Gulshan city center lies in a suitable place, wherever you stay you can easily come here without facing any complexity. Moreover, the spacious road and traffic signal has ensured a smooth transportation flow herein. In a nutshell, you can get hassle-free commuting if you get commercial space in Gulshan.




Apart from the national and multinational company’s head office, you will also find foreign diplomatic offices. That’s why this place gets top priority from the government in terms of security.


Other facilities


Hopefully, you can remain tension-free for utility services if you can manage commercial space in the Gulshan area. Because here lies multiple renowned head offices and diplomatic offices, the top-rated service provider operates its service business herein.


What you look at while taking commercial space in Gulshan?


Undoubtedly, you don’t rent a commercial space for a short time, that’s why it will be better to pay attention to some of the most crucial key points. Let’s see what you have to think prior to taking commercial space in Gulshan.




There various size of commercial space is ready for renting. You have to choose the size depending on your activities, employees amount, etc.


Deposit amount


Taking a deposit prior to renting is a common phenomenon in our country. It is not a matter of headache, I think, but the amount should take into consideration. The points need to be cleared, like can you bear the deposit amount or when you can get back the amount?


Rent amount


To know the rent, you don’t need to examine it physically; instead, will notify you that. So, before renting, you have to ask yourself that “could you continue to pay the rent.”



Some commercial spaces, like boutique shops, car showrooms, and buying houses, require highly interior and exterior decoration to attract customers. So, consider those before renting the commercial space. Moreover, some don’t want to take the pain of buying furniture. For them, some commercial space offers a fully-furnished facility.




Apart from those, some other things like the elevator, cleaning facility, fire safety measures, electricity backup, etc., need to be considered.


How Rentsbd help you in Commercial space rent in Gulshan


As you may already know, renting a commercial space in Gulshan isn’t easy. If you wish to collect information physically, it will consume your valuable time without fruitful consequences. Rentsbd comes to help you by providing updated, authentic information. You can choose your dream space from various types and sizes of commercial space with useful information from this platform.

Moreover, rentsbd will work as a middleman to help you in a safe deal completion. Why make a late, just visit this platform to find your commercial dream space in Gulshan.

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