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What Do Furnished Apartment Rent in Gulshan Include?

Gulshan is a spectacular and bustling place in Dhaka. Renting a furnished apartment, there would be tricky as the price goes up and down. Most people even don’t know what furniture should include and what not.

Throughout this article, we will educate you regarding this manner; it turns out you can wisely prefer the best deal. Acknowledging your taste and preference, we’ll help you understand about furnished apartments, advantages and how to choose the best one.

What is a Furnished Apartment?

A furnished or equipped apartment is the total decoration of furniture in a house. There are three types of furnished apartments, i.e., furnished, entirely furnished, and semi-furnished.

When you are buying your dream house, you won’t compromise with furniture. A fully decorated equipped apartment is enough to mesmerize your soul.

What do furnished apartment include:


Living Room Furnishings:

To feel like the home living room should be furnished magnificently. It will include a Tv, sofa, coffee table, wifi router, end table, and a lamp. You’ll spend most of the time in the living room chilling out. This should feel cozy. With this basic equipment, your living room will give you a vibrant vibe eventually.

Bedroom Furnishing:

Working all day long, when you come to sleep, your bedroom should be the divine place. The bedroom is the most significant place in a house where you spend more time relaxing. Therefore, a furnished bedroom must have a bed, a blanket, pillows, a standing lamp, a vintage painting, an alarm clock, a wardrobe. Some apartments may include additional decorative items and provide extra pillows, blankets, chest drawers, a plant, etc.

Furnished Bathroom:

The hygiene of a neat and clean bathroom helps you relax and fulfill your private business. This is one of the important parts of the house. A furnished bathroom will offer you a shower with a curtain, a sink or two, towels, a mattress, a soap dish, toilet brush. Some more delve into luxury like providing a bathtub, hairdryer. Few of the apartments include basic toiletries within the rent itself.

Kitchen necessaries:

You can differentiate one furnished apartment from another based on the kitchen they are presenting. Let’s say unfurnished; a normal apartment will provide a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and basic cooking essentials. In contrast, a furnished apartment will include all of these and come up with a toaster, coffee maker, blender, and utensils. Some also one step ahead providing garbage waste pot, a whisk, vegetable peeler, cutting boards, salt, and paper.

Decoration of Dining:

Usually, a dining room comes with a dining table with chairs, lighting lamps hanging above, and some aesthetic artworks. But the furnished dining will focus more on decor. They’ll add napkins, mats, side-boards. You can also find cabinet curio, dishwasher, and decor.

Laundry services:

In the furnished apartment, you’ll get laundry service within your unit. The washing machine, soap, dryer all will be included.

Entertainment & Electronics:

In this modern-day apartment, put extra effort into electronics and amusement. Furnished apartments comprise free wifi, LED TV, good sound system to make their clients happy. Many search for an apartment where they can relax, have fun, chill out with friends; for them, this is good news.


In most of the furnished apartments, you’ll get daily necessities without any charge. However, it totally relies on the landlords and terms and conditions. Still, you get to choose from many which one suits you the best according to your budget.

Furnished or unfurnished apartments:

How do you know a furnished apartment is good for you or what you are looking for? The answer is, how do you perceive? If you are a person who is so fussy about his apartment and furniture, then you are better off in a clean canvas.

Instead, you want to save time and don’t want to handle the trouble of choosing furniture and decorate them instance; then a furnished apartment should sound good to you. Furthermore, how long are you going to stay? If you plan to move in one year or abroad, then a furnished apartment is a good deal for you.

How to find a furnished apartment in Gulshan with RentBd:

Considering your budget and the facilities, you’ll get in the furnished apartments when you are assured the next step is easy. If you are looking for an apartment in Gulshan widely in Dhaka, RentsBd is there for you to reduce your hassle. We’ll help you as a rental broker as we have an ample range of connections with landlords, brokers, homeowners, flat owners, and many more.

When you come to us, we’ll consult your requirements, budget, and your taste. It turns out we can get you your desire home. There is no third party between the deal; if there is any, we’ll not take any charge. As a result, you can evaluate the whole deal and calculate everything transparently. 

Why work with RentBd:

There are several rental agencies in Bangladesh now to choose from. But who is that one you should work with? Why that company will be RentBd? 

RentBd is one of the most reliable rental agencies in Bangladesh with a wide range of connections with flat owners, homeowners, brokers, and so on around the whole Dhaka. So there is always something we can provide for you.

We are a customer-centric agency to make you win the best deal. We work hard to find out what you are looking for. We can find out an option to match your budget and needs. 

Final thoughts:

Renting a furnished apartment will save you time, money, and hassle. Besides, Gulshan is a magnificent place in Dhaka. Finding a perfect apartment can be time-consuming. Hence, RentBd can help you to dream of taking the first step forward. If you have any questions regarding the Commercial Space Rent in Gulshan or anything, please leave a comment in the box.

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