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Office Space and commercial space for Rent in Banani : A brief overview

Few other places inside Dhaka get top priority among the businessman. Among those, Banani is such a place due to offering some blissful amenities. Here you can find enough flow of people, location advantage, name advantage, and many more. That’s why you can see many corporate offices, retail shops, and restaurants have already operated their activities in Banani.

If you wish to be one of those who are already working, you need commercial space rent in Banani. In this searching stage, the majority of the people face difficulty. We are here to make the process simple and show you how RENTS Corporation will help you in this arena. So, without further ado, let’s proceed ahead.

Why Commercial Properties for Rent in Banani Get Top Priority Among The Businessman?

A few things make the Banani area lucrative to rent a commercial space. In the following, we will introduce you to those points.

Demographic Advantage

All the businessman wants the place that has smooth customer flow. Banani is such a place where lies some universities, corporate offices, shopping malls, schools, and colleges. Those establishments have made the Banani area vibrant and populated. Moreover, the Banani DOHS and other residential areas are also another triggers making this place lucrative to start a business. So, Banani is a go-to place to find Find Office Space For Rent


Similar to Gulshan, Baridhara, and Dhanmondi, Banani is also a place that will uplift your business brand value. Here you can find elite customers, you can easily enlist them as your regular customer list because they don’t compare much.


You can find a good bus service that will bring you to Banani from anywhere in Dhaka. That transportation system help to get outside Banani customer easily. If you run a promotional offer on social media, you can easily show them the path to come.

What do you consider while renting and Office or commercial space in Banani?

Renting commercial space is not like apartment rent, here you need to focus on some points before. In the following, we will enlist those for you.


All the Banani area isn’t populated; instead, a few areas have hustling and bustling. That’s why you have better select a place adjacent to the university, school, college, or shopping mall. Moreover, the roadside place has some significant advantages like it can easily be noticed, can identify quickly, etc.


Most of the owners want to decorate their business premises themself. That decoration depends on what type of activities will operate in that place. Some commercial space offers fully furnished and decoration facilities and therefore you can avoid such hassle.

However, the exterior decoration is also a factor to attract customers. Whatever design you have done inside, but the outside isn’t up to standard then you may possible lose customers. So, think about that decoration related issue while renting a commercial space.

Deposit & Rent amount

Every property owner takes some advance cash as security. Likewise, when you take a commercial space in the Banani area, you have to pay some advance cash. That cash amount can get back after leaving the place. Here the point you need to think about is, “can you bear the deposit amount”. Usually, the deposit amount is enormous in the Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara area.

Moreover, the rent amount also huge in such an affluent area. You may have to sign a deal on not leaving the place for a certain time. In this case, you have to decide, “can you continue to pay the rent”. Hopefully, you can pay the rent, but it will be safe to think before.


Whatever the place you will choose as rent for the commercial space, you have better to ensure proper facilities like uninterrupted electricity, cleaning system, fire safety measures, etc. Moreover, if your space lies above the 2nd floor, you have to make sure the sound elevating system and spacious stairs. You might be looking for Luxurious Office Space For Rent Located In Banani, Commercial buildings and Spaces for rent in Banani, there should be enough facilities according to your business type. 

It will be better for you to look at the protective fire safety and other safety measurements while taking Rent in Banani

How Help You To Get Commercial Space Rent in Banani?

You hardly find an open space in the Banani area because the high-rise building now occupies those that were open in the past. Some of the buildings are made for residential use, and others are for commercial purposes. It is definitely difficult for you to find out your dream space from those made for commercial purposes.

RENTS Corporation is developed to help in commercial space rent in Banani. You can easily see area-based rental information from the rentsbd online platform and then compare. Rentsbd will provide you most authentic and updated information on the provided facilities of that space. Also, you can finalize the deal securely through the rentsbd.

Final thought

Banani lies in the list of the business-friendly area. Hopefully, we successfully have introduced you to those amenities that you will get after taking commercial space in the Banani area. Also, If You’re looking for Apartment Rent in Banani then rentsbd re here to help you. If you wish to see your business or office in such a prestigious area, don’t make late; instead, contact rentsbd as soon as possible.