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Types Of Office space rent in Gulshan

Gulshan is a beautiful, vibrant, and lively location in Dhaka. Renting an office space would be tricky as the price changes frequently. Most people don’t know whether they need office space or not. Also, office space plays a big role in business success.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what you need to consider when renting an office space and how Rentsbd can help you get the best deal. Get the pen and paper and write down key points & read this article to the end.

Three things to remember before renting an office space:

  • The first time renting an office space can seem confusing and difficult.
  • It can be time-consuming, but you should be patient and read everything thoroughly before signing the agreement.
  • To be more reliable, feel comfortable, find the best letting agent to help you throughout the process, consult with them, and decide your time frame of renting the office (long term or short term).

    What type of office is ideal for your business?

    Having an individual office for your business is incredible—the place where you work to make your future. Then again, considering everything to decide if your business needs an office space. Can you thrive without having a separate office? If that sounds good, then a shared working place is suitable for you where you’ll get a hot desk. Even you can look for free wifi space, provide meeting corners, community parties, etc.

    If your business is growing and hiring employees frequently, consider getting a coffee or tea shop nearby. Shifting to get an office gives you the edge to grow more and is beneficial for your company image.

    When renting an office room, what are you looking for?

    Renting an office is quite tedious. But choosing the right place for your business is more complicated than that. The condition to become successful is to get the sweet spot, Location. This factor can make a big difference in your plan. A good, pleasing, and easy communication area can make you thriving; on the other hand, a tiny, remote site can be a considerable loss.
    Moreover, with a good location considers getting a vast parking space as well.

    The next step is to estimate how much office space you need. Usually, per person, it counts between 120 to 220 square feet. According to your plan, what is your goal, and how long do you want to sustain it? Take your space according to that. If your business is booming, then you might need ample space. Usually, rectangular space has more demand than other spaces.

    What should be your budget for office space?

    It would be best if you don’t start looking for office space without making your budget. There is so much to consider before you make your decision. To make a listing of expenses, we might

    Recognize moving costs. To shift from one place to another, you also have to change office accessories, stuff, and other things. So, make a listing of shifting service expenses.

    Note down utilities. Most of the time, utility bills are not included with the rental fee. So, electric and gas bills, other services you might need to consider. Consult with the experts and estimate the monthly cost. As you find your desire space, you can talk to the landlord to let you know the charges and some old documents if necessary.

    These days you all have to pay for telephone and internet bills. Hence, make sure you ask the monthly charge/ rate. Besides, how much they’ll charge for installation.
    Furthermore, check out any other expenses are there or not, for example, tenant insurance, maintenance charge, or any hidden charge, etc.

    Office Customization:

    You and your colleagues, employees will spend their daily most of their time in the office. The office environment plays a significant role in productivity. So, the office should feel like a second home. That’s why you might need some customization. Mostly, decorations and customization are allowed in rental agreements. But hey! Before you nailed and blow some walls, do talk to the landlords if there is any rules on that too.

    As your business structure, you also need to separate rooms to do different tasks, for example, meeting room, restroom, client waiting room, suction room, conference room, and so on.

    Rent length:

    Generally, There are two types of agreements; long-term & short- term. If you take the long-term deal, you’ll get a comparatively lower price, but it’s relatively higher in a short time. To save some money, you can take a long-term tenant, but what is the goal? What if your business expands? Is space if sufficient for you? Think about all these or later you’ll trouble yourself.

    Exit Plan:

    It happens quite a lot, your business expands, and space feels not enough anymore. Another way, you’re not doing well in your business, in both ways, you want to shift or quite the tenancy agreement. You should know how to come out from these situations legally.

    Typically, landlords include provisions for cancelation. Be clear of the policies, how much the requirement is, and the rules if there isn’t any.

    How to find an office space in Gulshan with RentBd:

    Gulshan is comparatively a superior area. Business enthusiasts also follow the stream. The success of your business directly depends on the perfect office space. Finding the right place may seem complicated, and it is.
    Rentbd is one of the flourishing rental and letting agencies in Bangladesh. With the tenant gratification, we are working vigilantly.

    Once you come to us, we’ll discuss your budget and priorities. It turns out; you may get the best deal out of many. There is no third party between the agreement; if there is any, we’ll not take any charge. As a result, you can evaluate the whole deal and calculate everything transparently. Our customers are our primary preference.

    Final Thought

    Gulshan, indeed, is a prestigious place and an old city center since the birth of Bangladesh. That’s a trigger of making this place lucrative among the business owner. That competition makes the office space renting quite difficult. Hopefully, the queries of office space rent in Gulshan you are looking for will clear to you through this article. If You Interested to read Office Space Rent in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone then stay tuned with rents bd.

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