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Office and Commercial Space For Rent In Tejgaon

Tejgaon can be considered the best industrial area in Dhaka. Due to some excellent facilities, most businessmen, startups, and entrepreneurs choose Tejgaon to set up their offices in Tejgaon. As the demand is high, it’s not that easy to find office space according to the budget and requirements. Are you getting worried about finding office space in Tejgaon? The RENTS Corporation team will make it easy for you.

Considering so many advantages, Tejgaon will be the best area for your office location. But you might be wondering how to find the best Office Space For Rent In Tejgaon as the demand is sky-high. Thankfully, our RENTS Corporation team will assist you with that. We are the leading rental portal in Bangladesh. You can Explore Office Spaces Available For Rent in Tejgaon

Office Spaces For Rent In Tejgaon, Dhaka

The Real Estate industry is growing rapidly in Bangladesh. If you are thinking about investing in office spaces, Tejgaon can be the best place to operate your business. Being an industrial area, it offers some exclusive facilities that are not available in other places in Dhaka. For example, you will get facilities like product transportation, easy-to-access raw materials, a suitable environment, and capable manpower. Having those facilities will assist your business to grow within a quick time. If you are looking for office spaces for rent such as office space, restaurants, warehouses, and hotels, the RENTS Corporation team will assist you with that.

Commercial Space For Rent In Tejgaon Within Your Budget

We provide you with the latest listings of all types of commercial spaces including office spaces available for rent in Tejgaon. You can explore our 150+ commercial property listings now to find a suitable space for your business. If you become interested in a listing, click on it to get detailed information about the listing.

Along with the price of the property, you will get other descriptions such as Property Size, Year Built, Garage Size, Property Type, Interior type, Total Units, Basement, and Nearby Landmark. Literally, we will inform you about the property precisely. You can request the owner’s information by filling out a short form. Do you want our assistance with the rental agreement? Call us or chat with us for any queries.

Advantages Of Having An Office Space In Tejgaon

First of all, you’ll get some geographical advantages when you have decided to go for Offices for Rent in Tejgaon Industrial Area. Gulshan is located just beside the Tejgaon industrial area. So, you can easily communicate with Banani, Baridhara, and Bashundhara. Also, Mohakhali is located less than a 5 km distance. You can easily access any key points of Dhaka. That will make communication convenient. Almost all well-renowned Banks, Financial Institutes, Corporate Offices, Multinational Companies, and National Companies are available in Tejgaon. Overall, the infrastructure has been too good to get any business settled here.

How To Choose The Suitable Office Space For Rent?

You need to consider 5 key factors while choosing office spaces for rent in Tejagon and other areas in Dhaka. Here you go.

Space Location and Accessibility

First of all, the location of the property should be easily accessible for your staff, employees, and potential customers. If you choose a location that is a bit challenging to access, it won’t assist your business as much as expected. From this point of view, Tejgaon is a perfect place to set up your office. We all know how easy it is to access Tejgaon from anywhere in Dhaka. So, before you make the final call about the location, you have to consider it from your business perspective.

Nearby Amenities

Nearby amenities are essential for not only the business purpose but also for the well-being of employees. Having proper amenities plays a positive role in skyrocketing a business. For business purposes, you may have to deal with frequent financial transactions. Bank and ATMs should be available close to your business location. At the same time, proper amenities will create an environment to collaborate with other businesses. Overall, it will assist your business to impress regular clients and potential clients.

Estimated Operating Cost

When you have good transportation facilities and easy access to raw materials, the estimated operating cost gets lower. Therefore, you need to consider those factors so that you can stay away from over-operating costs. It will be a good decision to rent office space in Tejgaon from an economical perspective. It also includes monthly rent and other necessary expenses such as utilities fees. If you calculate those charges, it will be easier for you to make the final call.

Lease Terms

Lease terms are essential factors that most of the tenants overlook. There might be some hidden charges mentioned in the lease terms that you are not aware of. Our RENTS Corporation team ensures that there are no hidden charges and you are fully aware of the terms that are mentioned in the document. You have to consider some important factors such as lease duration, the minimum duration of the current rental fee, and insurance fee (if included). Depending on the type of your business you have to look for long-term or short-term lease duration.

Business Growth Potential

When you are looking for commercial space or office space for rent in Tejgaon, you have to calculate your business growth potential over a certain time. If your business starts to grow big, you will need more space. In that case, it will be better for you to choose a space that can offer you additional space when required. Frequent location change is not a good sign for any business. You should approach with a long-term plan.

Why Should You Rent Office Space In Tejgaon?

Before you start looking for office space for rent, you need to do some research about the location and whether it is suitable for your business or not. Let me inform you of some essential factors that will assist you in making the right decision.

The first ever Bangladeshi Twin Tower office space named Shanta FORUM is located at Tejgaon. The tower has been constructed by Shanta Holdings Ltd. Also, the Shanta PINNACLE, a 40-floor commercial building is located in Tejgaon. It suggests that Tejgaon is perfectly suitable to expand any business. Apart from the tower, you will get car showrooms of all famous brands such as AUDI, NISSAN, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Hyundai.

Apart from those, some structural activities are ongoing for modern buildings and office spaces. The Head office of the mobile manufacturing Brand “Symphony” is located here. Corporate institutes like Unilever, New Zealand Dairy, Qatar Airways, Akij Group, and New Asia are some notable mentions. If you don’t select your office space now, you might regret it later. Tejgaon is going to be the most demandable trade center in Dhaka.

Why “RENTS Corporation” Is The Best Platform To Find Office Space for Rent?

You can have a look at the latest, verified, and exclusive rental listings. You don’t have to visit different websites to compare the listing. Through our website, you can find office space for rent in Tejgaon, Banani, Baridhara, and Gulshan. So, you can choose the best property that suits your budget and other requirements.

Considering all those facts mentioned above, it’s highly essential a perfect location for your business. Tejgaon will be a perfect fit for that. If you choose office space for rent in Tejgaon, it will give a boost to your business. Can’t find your desired space yet? Let us know about your requirements. Our rental advisor will be happy to assist you in finding the property that you are looking for.


Q. What is the Ward No of Tejgaon?

 A. The Tejgaon Industrial Area falls under ward number 24 of Dhaka North City Corporation.

 Q. Why is Tejgaon called an industrial area?

A. As the majority area of Tejgaon is used for manufacturing, assembling, and processing raw materials, and products by different companies, Tejgaon is called an industrial area.

 Q. How can I find office space for rent in Tejgaon?

A. You can visit website to find verified office space for rent.