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Here is what you need to know while renting a Retail space in Banani

Retail shop rent in Banani is tricky, as you have to consider many things simultaneously. Banani is a fast-growing, favorable business area. Young entrepreneurs and giant leader prefers to have an outlet in Banani.

This article will discuss retail space rent in Banani without having a headache. Lastly, we’ll also see how Rentsbd can assist you in finding the best space.

What is commercial retail rent?

Commercial retail rent is different from apartment rent; if you have ample experience renting apartments , that doesn’t count on commercial rent. It would be best if you did good research before renting one.

You don’t want to face the different expectations and rules of landlords. Generally, commercial rent is quite long for those who don’t know than apartment rent, mostly 2 to 3 years.

Six factors you should know before renting retail space:

Renting a retail space is not easy for the newbies in the field. The agreement process and budget are different from apartment rent and real estate. That’s why we are proposing 6 factors to consider before delving into the process.


Retail shops depend on traffic. The more footprints you experience, the more chance for you to grow. The busy places highways, bus stops, and shopping complex are comparatively busy places. This is why sites like this offer the most attractive deals; so, the price is relatively higher.


Traffic is indeed essential, but at the same time, accessibility has the same importance. You have to make sure easy access to your shop. An uncomplicated get in and out way sounds good. A versatile in and out situation is more comfortable. A multiple entry gates, male and female separation, and a different exit gate can be one reason to be successful.

You can even follow the outline already created. The rode side coffee and tea shops can be a massive opportunity for your business. A good parking opportunity attracts more customers.

Psychographics and Demographics:

Banani is a growing area with so much potential. People from all classes live here. For a business’s success, the location plays a vital role—the types of people who live in an area that drives your sales up or down. A middle-class or lower-middle-class area is more likely to welcome customers by giving discounts, promo codes than a high-end restaurant.

There are some sectors where only the elite lives; you can’t expect them to buy middle-class goods. Identifying the customer’s psychographics is essential.

Space Shape and Decor:

It is human psychology to get attracted to fancy looking things. The physical outlook of an office or real estate matters most. But the same goes for retail shops as well. An exceptionally vibrant, aesthetic looking shops attract more customers.

Customers generally like the front view of any shop, love a big mirror, and the shop’s center. Rather than getting a wide space, a narrow space gives you the flexibility to work accordingly. That’s why most of the store provides the cash counter or clearance booth at the bottom so that you have to see the whole shop.

How can you find the best retail space in Banani?

Renting a retail shop in Banani is challenging. But you can follow the given process to find out your desire space,

Warmup Before the Game: Banani is quite a large area. Finding out the best possible space is quite challenging. Thereby start looking for places from your home. Sit with your laptop, pc, or mobile, use your internet connection and start mapping. You can use the google map or GIS system to navigate the location, which will give you a good understanding of the place. Even you can narrow down your choice list.

Pick the rode, not the site: Sometimes, the site you choose doesn’t matter if the site is beside any prospect rode. The amount of traffic and accessibility you are getting from the site that matters. We already discussed the importance of the number of footing. The more your shop gets noticed, the more chance to get more customers.
Hence, pay more attention to traffic. A costly but more traffic flow site can serve more than the cheaper but no traffic site.

Analyze the Population:

Even if you are getting good traffic, the right customer demographics and psychographic are the next important thing to notice. You are getting a good number of footing, but the product doesn’t suit the people who live there. For example, a branded tailor shop won’t help middle to lower-class scenarios. That’s why a good analysis of customer psychographic and demographics is essential.

Competitors are your key (sometimes): Many times, following your competitor opens up more options. For example, If you have a clothing brand, try to set your store beside a clothing brand. Why? You’ll get a similar interest showing customers. The customers are already buying a similar product, so they don’t have any problem trying out yours.

But not always, this strategy works. Here is why?

Only because you are getting your competitor around; doesn’t mean their business is doing well.
Maybe the market isn’t large enough to accommodate two rival firms.

How can RentsBd help you?

In an emerging area like Banani, finding a retail space seems puzzling, where you can get lost easily. A rental agent can help you along. For instance, RentsBd is there for you. We are a rental broker, works to find the best deal.

We can make retail space rent in Banani easy by providing all transparent, real documents, and we help you understand everything regarding tenant agreements. There is no extra charge required. Besides, no third party includes throughout the process. All you need to is book your appointment on, and we take care of the rest.

Final thoughts:

Renting a retail space in Banani would be a great idea. Banani offers a lot to those who dare to dream. During your journey, RentsBd can be your friend who helps to reach your destination. If you have any questions or queries about or this particular topic, comment in the box. We’ll get back to you.

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