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Luxury Apartment Rent In Dhaka: Your Exclusive Living Experience

It’s like a dream for many people to live in a luxury apartment. Having premium facilities and exclusive amenities makes luxury apartments the most demandable space to live in Dhaka. Though the demand is sky high, a true luxury apartment is available in Dhaka in limited quantity.

Don’t be upset. The RENTS Corporation team will assist you to make your dream come true. We will assist you to find out the best Luxury Apartment Rent in Dhaka and 2 BHK Flat Rent in Dhaka. If you are thinking about renting a luxury apartment in Dhaka, this article is going to assist you with numerous beneficial tips regarding luxurious apartments. 

It will assist expats, embassy people, Chief executive officers (CEO), travelers, and other persons who are looking for luxury apartments in Dhaka.


What Is A Luxury Apartment?

An apartment that offers a higher level of comfort with exclusive amenities, extra advantages, and luxurious decoration is called a luxurious apartment. In simple words, it offers more facilities than regular apartments.

In a true luxury apartment, you will get exclusive facilities like Swimming Pool, Gym, Fitness Centre, Pet-Friendly amenities, Car Parking, and Smart home features. Many apartments in Dhaka are described as Luxury apartments but they don't provide such exclusive facilities. Through RENTS, you can find true luxury apartment rent in Dhaka as all listings are verified by the RENTS team. Therefore, you are going to get the exact benefit as mentioned in the listings.


4 Things To Consider While Looking For Luxury

The facilities of Luxury apartments vary considering location and type of apartment. You should consider some key factors before you choose an apartment. Otherwise, you may have to regret later about those facts. We don’t want you to face such unexpected issues. That’s why we want to inform you of 4 such factors that you should consider before you rent a Spacious Luxury Apartment For Rent in Dhaka. Here you go.

1. Enhanced Aesthetic Overview

When looking for High-End Luxury Apartment For Rent in Dhaka or 3 BHK Flat in Dhaka, the appearance of the apartment should be the first priority. The interior and exterior design should be mesmerizing. If the apartment's appearance doesn't attract you too much, you are not going to get the feeling of living in a comfy place. 

So, before you make the final call you should visit the place in person and inspect interior and exterior design. When you feel good about the appearance then you can start inspecting for other factors. In some cases, tenants make the decision based on appearance only. Obviously, the appearance of the apartment matters a lot but this is not the only thing to consider. Here are other factors.

2. Available Amenities

Amenities are the key difference between a regular apartment and a luxury apartment. If the 2 BHK Flat that you are about to rent doesn't have special amenities, it doesn’t make any sense to rent the apartment with higher rent. A luxury apartment won’t allow you to bear the hassle of going away to attend the gym. 

At the same time, facilities like swimming pools, well-decorated closets, more specific walk-in closets, pet parking facilities, indoor sports facilities, and entertainment facilities should be available. You can also make a checklist mentioning your amenities preference. That assists you in choosing a suitable apartment.

3. Smart Home Features With Modern Technology

Along with providing extreme comfort, a luxury apartment should have modern technology with smart features. Security systems like 24/7 surveillance systems are mandatory. Other features like Air Conditioner, Smart TVs, smart doorbells, washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, and flooring materials need to be present in luxury apartments. 

Having those modern technologies also comes with numerous benefits. First of all, it will reduce your daily effort making your lifestyle easier. With advanced safety features, you can feel fully safe at home. Expats who had to go through a tight schedule can stay free from security concerns.

4. Proper Maintenance Service

Last but surely not the least; you should not forget to ask about maintenance service. People like expats, foreigners, travelers, and chief executive officers have to go through a busy schedule. During this busy schedule, it becomes too difficult to hire someone for apartment maintenance work. 

Suppose you need to install or repair new amenities in your apartment. If maintenance service is available from the landlord's side, you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring someone. The ultimate goal of looking for luxury apartment rent is to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Assigned maintenance service will allow you to do that in a High-End Luxury Apartment For Rent in Dhaka area.

What Are Benefits Of Living In A Luxury Apartment In Dhaka?

At this stage, you are aware of the key factors that you should consider while searching for a luxury apartment in Dhaka area. You might be wondering if it is worth it to live in a luxury apartment with a higher rental cost. Now, I am going to share with you some special facilities for living in a luxury apartment in Dhaka. Here you go.

No Hassle of Maintenance 

In a luxury apartment, you will get quality and updated home appliances. As a result, you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintenance. You can enjoy luxurious amenities without installing them as those will be pre-installed. It will allow tenants to just walk in and start enjoying the comfort. That will be an added advantage for expats and foreigners. Overall, it will save your upfront cost.

Strong Security 

Proper security is the primary need of tenants. From a security perspective, it will be the best decision to choose a luxury apartment for rent in Dhaka. Security and privacy are two key components of a luxurious apartment. If you want to keep your concentration on your daily schedule without worrying about security, you can’t look for another alternative rather than choosing a luxury apartment for rent in Dhaka.

Prime Location 

Most expensive apartments in Dhaka are always located in a prime location. Expats and embassy people have to move a lot for their business purposes. That’s why it’s essential for them to choose an area that will be easy to access from anywhere in Dhaka. Almost all luxurious apartments are located in such areas. If you are willing to rent a luxurious apartment in Banani, Gulshan, or Baridhara diplomatic zone, you will get the added facilities of living in a prime location.

Feel Like Home

Luxury apartments are going to offer you parking facilities, a pet allowance, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. Expats can enjoy almost every amenity that they expect to have in their living space. It will make them feel at home. You will be greeted with every possible amenity and appliance that you expect from a truly luxurious apartment. The RENTS Corporation team will assist you in finding such a dream apartment for you to make it feel like home.

Modern Facilities 

One thing that we must admire is the modern facilities that luxurious apartments offer to their tenants. A touch of modern facilities is visible in every section of a luxury apartment. Modern amenities are available in the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, washroom, spa center, and rooftop gardens. It will make your lifestyle more convenient. The best part is you don’t have to put any effort into the installation and decoration process.

Amazing View Of The City 

Would you like to enjoy the view of the city from a bird's eye? Through the windows and roof of a luxurious flat in Dhaka, you can enjoy the best possible view of the city. House designers focus on that point while building the apartment. Apart from this, luxury apartments are located in such an area that provides sufficient sunlight and natural air. Those are the perfect combination to enjoy the view of the city.


Pros & Cons Of Luxury Apartment Rent in Dhaka



  • Lower Upfront Cost: You don’t have to pay individually to purchase different home appliances
  • Easy To Access: Luxury apartments are located in such areas that are easy to access for day-to-day tasks. 
  • Friendly Community: Luxury apartments in Dhaka will offer you a friendly community. You can explore cultural events. 


  • Customization: As amenities will be pre-installed, you will customize placement or replace amenities if you don’t like the decoration. 
  • Higher Utility Bills: As the luxury apartment comes with so many modern amenities, you need to pay higher utility bills. 

At this point, you have in-depth knowledge about luxury apartment rent in Dhaka area. Now, you need to take a note and make a shortlist mentioning your requirements based on the key factors. After that, you need to consider the advantages that you are expecting from your apartment. When you keep a note of those things, it will be easier for you to choose the best luxury apartment in Dhaka.

Have you decided where to rent an apartment in Dhaka? Go through our search listings now to find a suitable luxury apartment in Dhaka. Want to get the assistance of the RENTS Corporation team? Contact us now. We will provide you with the best rental solution.



Q. How would you describe a luxurious apartment?

A. A luxurious apartment is located in a posh area. It has added facilities compared to regular apartments. Luxury apartments have comparably higher values than regular apartments.

Q. What is the difference between a luxury apartment and a normal apartment?

A. A luxury apartment comes with special facilities such as a Swimming pool, Fitness Center, Spa Center, Pet care, and CCTV surveillance. A normal apartment doesn't have such special facilities.

Q. Which amenities are most popular in Luxury Apartments?

A. Quality high-speed elevators, Smart keypads, locks, Smart access control, Fitness and Wellness facilities are some most demanded amenities in Luxury apartments.

Q. Why live in a luxury apartment?

A. If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with premium amenities without purchasing, you should live in a luxury apartment.

Q. What is called a luxurious house?

A. Luxurious house” is the alternative name for a luxurious apartment. When an apartment has added exclusive facilities, it is called a luxurious apartment.