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Furnished Apartment For Rent In Dhaka : Must Known Facts

The biggest hassle of shifting to a new flat is transferring beds, furniture, tables, and other household items. You don’t have to go through those hassles when you rent a furnished flat. Considering that extra advantage, many people prefer furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka. Are you searching for a furnished flat in Dhaka? This article is going to assist you with finding your desired flat.

In this article, you will know which type of flat will be better to rent. Besides, you will also know how to find the best-furnished flat for rent in Dhaka. Overall, you will get crystal clear knowledge about fully furnished flat rent in Dhaka. Without any further delay, permit me to begin.


Furnished Apartment Vs Unfurnished Apartment: Which One Is Better For Rent In Dhaka? 


Fully Furnished Apartment For Rent 

A furnished apartment has the necessary furniture that is required to live in comfort. You can choose a 3 BHK flat for rent or 2 BHK Flat for rent according to your requirements. When you look for a furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka, you can expect a sofa, bed, table, chair, lamps, etc. You might also get a table or bookshelf for keeping your books. Besides, you will get a lamp, nightstand, and luxury bed in the bedroom.

The dining area will be decorated with tables and chairs. Also, the washroom and kitchen will be decorated with necessary items. Overall, you can live straightway after renting a furnished apartment in Dhaka. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You don’t have to hire a truck or pickup van for shifting all of your furniture. It will save you money, time, and effort.

Unfurnished Apartment 

On the other hand, you will not get those facilities in an unfurnished apartment. When you rent an unfurnished apartment, there won’t be any furniture. You have to hire a truck to move your furniture and other household items. That will cost you extra time, money, and energy. Besides, your furniture might not fit properly in your newly rented flat.

Moreover, there’s a risk of getting damaged while shifting furniture in a truck. In general, the rental cost of a furnished apartment is higher compared to an unfurnished apartment. Considering the extra amenities it provides, a furnished apartment deserves a higher rental fee. Now, you might be thinking about how to find a furnished flat in Dhaka within your budget. Here’s the best solution.

How To Find The Best Furnished Apartment For Rent In Dhaka? 

In the past, it was too difficult and took a long process to find the best furnished flat for rent in Dhaka. Now, the Rents team has made it easier for the tenants to find the best-furnished apartment. You can check through 500+ fully-furnished apartments for rent in DHaka and semi-furnished apartments for rent in Dhaka to get your expected flat. Are you wondering how?

Well, visit the rents.com.bd website. Then, you have to select the preferred area and property type. That’s a simple process. After that, you will get updated rental listings of your selected area. As there will be lots of results, you can choose from them to find the most preferable one. When you select a listing, ask for the owner’s information to visit the apartment. You can also ask for assistance from the Rents team.

The Rents team will help you in finding the exclusive fully furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka rental properties along with making rental agreements. There won’t be any hidden charges. Everything will be transparent when it comes to the rental agreement. Would you like to discuss with us your rental needs? Feel free to contact us now.

Let me inform you of the 7 key facilities that you will get in a furnished apartment in Dhaka.

7 Key Facilities of Furnished Apartments For Rent In Dhaka


1. Moving Gets Easier 

First of all, you can easily shift to a furnished apartment whenever you want. As you don’t have to bring your own bed, sofa, chair, table, and other furniture, you don’t have to worry about moving. It can’t be any easier than that. Also, your moving cost will get lower.

2. Lower Upfront Cost 

Another big advantage of renting a fully furnished apartment is the lower upfront cost. There is no need to buy new furniture. So, you can save your furniture purchasing budget. If you are a first-timer tenant, your upfront cost will be notably lower when you rent a furnished apartment in Dhaka.

3. Reduce Stress 

You don’t have to worry about transferring your furniture, and hiring trucks. Even after moving you will get everything decorated. So, there’s nothing to worry about when you’re looking for a furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka. You can just move to the flat and start living comfortably.

4. Best For Mid-term & Short-term stays

Sometimes tenants look forward to flat rent for short-term and mid-term stays. In both cases, a fully furnished apartment will be the best choice. In short-term stays, furniture shifting costs become significantly higher. You can avoid the extra costs by choosing a furnished flat for rent in Dhaka.

5. Easy To Leave 

Furnished apartments are easy to leave as there is no worry about shifting furniture and regular household utilities. You can just pay the rental cost and leave the flat without hiring pickup vans or trucks. That will reduce your leaving costs.

6. Better Security

In general, you will get better security in a furnished apartment. Most of the furnished apartments are located in secured and developed areas.  When you rent a furnished apartment in Dhaka, you don’t have to worry about security.

7. Flexibility 

Overall, renting a furnished apartment in Dhaka provides you with more flexibility than any other type of apartment. Shifting cost, upfront cost, leaving cost, furniture purchasing costs everything will be in control. That will be great for every tenant, won’t that? It’s your turn to make the final call.


Final Thoughts On Furnished Apartment For Rent In Dhaka

At this stage, you can make a better decision about whether you should look for a furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka or an unfurnished apartment. If you need any rental assistance such as 2 BHK flat rent in Dhaka or 3 BHK flat rent in Dhaka, don’t hesitate to contact the Rents team. Tenants can rely on them to find the best furnished flat in Dhaka within budget. Best of luck!




1.What is a furnished apartment?

A furnished apartment is pre-decorated with necessary furniture. The furniture type and quantity vary depending on budget and location.

2.Do furnished apartments include TV?

It depends on the landlord. Some furnished apartments include TV and some exclude TV.

3.Should I rent a furnished apartment or not?

If you want to enjoy more flexibility, you should choose a furnished apartment over an unfurnished apartment.

4.Can I keep my own furniture in a furnished apartment?

Surely, you can use the remaining spaces to keep your furniture and other accessories.