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Apartment Rent in Gulshan : What do you need to know

In Dhaka, Gulshan is a splendid, vibrant, and lively city. Apartment rent in Gulshan would be tricky as the price changes frequently. Most people don’t know about rental agreements and policies. For newcomers to the city, it’s even more difficult. Thanks to the rental agencies like Rents.com.bd to help along the way.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what you need to consider when renting an apartment and how Rentbd can help you get the best deal. So why waiting? Take a sip of your coffee and start reading.

Why Not Rent An Apartment?

There are a ton of good causes why you should rent rather than consider buying one.
Sometimes, it’s better than owning. How?

The mortgage you pay monthly sometimes much less than the lease but often costs more. In comparison, houses are larger than apartments. You might wonder what to do with this extra space. Every time you look into the gaps, you feel like what to put in there? But it doesn’t happen in rent, of course. You get a minimal space with all the decoration done.

Another thing is interest is a substantial portion of your annual mortgage charge. As long as you complete paying your mortgage, you’ll find most of your money went on interest. Since you have to pay a hefty fee on mortgage interest and loan every month, it won’t benefit you.

On the other hand, there is no extra interest or tax on property rent. The landlord deals with the tax, and if you are lucky enough, you might find all other expenses like utilities paid by him.

No expenses for repairs:

Mortgage and tax expenses are stable and can be prepared. Not every time, so on a freezing January morning, your pipes crumble, your boiler dies at 3 am, you unexpectedly find termites, or your roof threatens to cave in. Tenants do not have those huge expenses for repairs. They usually pay for the small defaults.

You can exit anytime:

Being a renter, you can exit or leave the apartment at any time. Without worrying about selling your property, you can pack your bags and move from one place to another.

No risk of losing the investment:

With time, your property’s net worth increases and that’s what you expect. But at the time of selling home not everybody gains profit. The price market fluctuates frequently. For this reason, many find it difficult to sell their property at the desired price, turns out they are making a loss. But a tenant doesn’t have to think about investments.

What to look for before renting an apartment in Gulshan and Gulshan 2?

Renting an apartment sounds awesome. But there are many factors to consider before renting one. According to your taste and preferences, your priorities would be different. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind,


Of course, price is an essential factor. You should compare the rents of different apartments and other facilities also. Here’s a hack, sometimes an expensive house saves you money. How? If you live in a cheaper house in the suburbs without any security and paying community cost, that’s not a good idea. Think about your budget and the facilities you’ll get along with. In Gulshan , you can get expensive and cheaper apartments. But their convenience would be different.


The area of Gulshan is spectacular. Renting an apartment there would be a dream. But still, location matters. Try to get a place where you’ll get a grocery store, a school or college, a shopping mall around. Yet, what are your priorities?

Landlords Reputation:

You don’t live under a rough, bad-mannered landlord. There are so many landlords, and they have a bad reputation in society. They can trouble you in times of security and rent deposits, repairs, and many. So, make sure you talk with neighbors about the landlord’s behavior, then decide.

The apartment:

You are going through all this trouble only to get your desired rented apartment. Hence, take a good look at your apartment before signing the agreement. All the equipment is on the spot. Don’t believe in any photos or ads, see yourself then believe.

Seek for a Rental Agent:

A rental agent can help you find your dream apartment. By a little fee, you can relieve yourself from a lot of trouble. It is time-saving, and your trust is in safe hands. If you have any extra requirements or new to the city then a rental agent is a good fit for you.

How can Rents Corporation Help you?

RENTS Corporation is one of the trusted and experienced rental and real estate agencies in Bangladesh. With a wide range of connections with flat owners, homeowners, brokers, and so on around the whole Dhaka. Like other agencies we provide one-step solutions in the rental service field.

We don’t have any hidden charge and no third party included. We provide you all authentic papers and documents related to rental agreements. We solely focus on your requirements. To avoid fraud we work as a middle man for a transparent tenant deal.

Final thoughts:

Renting an apartment will save you time, money, and trouble. Moreover, Gulshan is a majestic place in Dhaka. Finding a perfect apartment can be time-consuming. Hence, RentBd can help you to dream of taking the first step forward. If you have any questions regarding Furnished Apartment Rent in Gulshan or anything, please leave a comment in the box.