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Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the administrative center of the country. Almost all of the head offices, whether it’s governmental or non-governmental institutions are located in Dhaka. Top-notch Transportation facilities, famous educational institutes, and the best hospitals, you can get everything here. Dhaka is among the top 3 cities in South Asia considering the GDB factor. 

The perfect combination of all those things has made Dhaka the most demanded place for business. At the same time, lots of people are moving to Dhaka for job purposes and educational purposes. That’s why Dhaka is getting densely populated day by day. As a result, it has become challenging to find the best place to live in Dhaka

So, how to find the best residential area in Dhaka? Thankfully, you have landed in the perfect place. Through this article, we are going to guide you in finding the best places to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are going to share the factors that you have to consider to choose a suitable living place. After that, we will suggest some best places based on those criteria. Here you go. 


How To Choose The Best Place To Live In Dhaka? 

While choosing the best residential area in Dhaka, you have to consider facts like the public transportation system, safety, infrastructure, housing costs, local environment, education, and healthcare facilities. Let me elaborate on those factors. 


Public Transportation Method

When you are going to move to a new place, you need to think about the public transformation system. In Dhaka, buses, cars, CNGs, and rickshaws are the most popular public transportation methods. So, the place that you are going to choose should have easy access to public transportation. 

Nowadays, metro rail is also getting popular as a mass rapid transit system. It will be a plus point if your chosen area has access to the metro rail. Apart from this, ride-sharing services like Pathao and Ubar should be available in the area. The good thing is that public transportation methods are available almost everywhere in Dhaka. 



Safety is among those important factors that everyone is careful about. The area that you are going to choose as your residential place should offer safety and proper security. The crime rate in those particular areas should be lower. You need to visit the place in person and look for CCTV cameras in public places. 

At the same time, police check posts and surveillance should be available in that area. Surveys show that crime rates are significantly lower for areas that are covered by police checkpoints. Have you decided to rent an apartment in Dhaka to live in? In that case, you can talk to the neighbors to know about the security condition of that area. 



Infrastructure is such a factor that is important for both residential and commercial purposes. Let me explain it briefly. Infrastructure indicates the physical structure of a specific place. The terms can be used for a state, region, and country. A region’s economic growth is closely connected with its infrastructure. 

It has a direct connection with the job and business opportunity. If you choose a place with improved infrastructure, this is going to assist you a lot in the long run. From that point of view, you can choose Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, and Uttara as the best place to live in Dhaka. 


Housing Costs

When you are going to move to a new place for short-term and long-term stays, you need to think about the housing costs. We have an important thing to notice about you on that point. You should not choose the place that offers the lowest housing costs compared to nearby areas. 

Are you wondering why we are suggesting this? Areas that offer the lowest housing costs don't offer enough facilities compared to other areas. At the same time, crime rates could be higher in that area. That’s why there should be a balance between the offered facility and housing costs. 


Local Environment

This is such an important factor that most people don’t pay much attention when choosing the best place to live in Dhaka. That becomes the reason to regret later if things go wrong. Changing the living place is not like a walk in the park. You have to consider whether the environment is suitable for you or not. 


You need to visit here and there of that chosen area to have a look at the local environment. If there are lots of mills and factories located in the preferred place, most probably there will be noise pollution and air pollution. You should avoid such places. 


Education And Healthcare Facilities

If you are going to change your current place for a long-term stay, you have to think about the educational institutes. At the same time, tenants should consider the optical. You have to think about the healthcare facilities even if you are looking for the best places to live for a short-term stay. 

Educational institutes are not only important for learning purposes but also play a big role in improving the overall infrastructure of that area. If there are quality educational institutes located in an area, most likely there will be overall improvement day by day. 


3 Best Places To Live In Dhaka




Whenever you make a list of the best places to live in Dhaka city, you can’t make the list without mentioning Gulshan. It won’t be a mistake if we call Gulshan the heart of Dhaka. This is the most posh neighborhood in Dhaka. If you choose Gulshan as your living palace, you will experience a perfect mixture of modern facilities with a planned infrastructure. All facilities that we have mentioned in the above are available in Gulshan. You will find roads and surroundings always clean. Specific people are assigned to keep the environment clean. 


Another special fact about Gulshan is its luxury. This is the most luxurious place to live in Dhaka. Many embassies, international schools, and universities are located in Gulshan. Being a posh neighborhood, this is the target location as a business hub. Gulshan is the dream location for business owners to choose as their office location. Expats, foreigners, travelers, celebrities, and VIPs prefer to live in Gulshan because of its elite neighborhood. If you choose Gulshan as your living place, you will become a part of this marvelous community. Apart from that, it offers a calm environment. 


For long-term stays, recreational activities are also important. You may feel stressed due to heavy work pressure. You can walk in the HatirJheel or sit there on the bench for a while to get rid of mental pressure. Gulshan Lake Park is another exciting place that you can visit for relaxation. Gyms, spas, and fitness centers are easily accessible from any part of Gulshan. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment for rent in Dhaka, you can choose Gulshan without having any second thoughts. 




Looking for a commercial neighborhood in Dhaka having plenty of entertainment options? From that perspective, you can consider Banani as the best place to live in Dhaka. It's known for its fancy lifestyle. If you want to enjoy similar types of facilities like Gulshan at a lower expense, Banani is the best-recommended place for you to live in Dhaka. You can find luxurious apartments, regular apartments, fully furnished apartments, and semi-furnished apartments. Many people consider Banani as the best residential area in Dhaka over Gulshan. 


The special thing about Banani is that it features a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and shops. It also has a lot to offer to its residents when it comes to relaxation. Banani Lake Park is a popular spot for jogging in the morning. Also, Banani is the top commercial hub in Dhaka. It will be a better decision to choose Banani as the living place both commercially and residentially. If you find it difficult to search for a suitable apartment for rent in Dhaka, you can get assistance from RENTS. 


Banani is also a suitable place for food lovers. Some popular restaurants such as UrbanSpoon, Chillox Banani, and Yum Cha are located in Banani. You can try almost all sorts of popular cuisines in Banani. Shopping malls, supermarkets, groceries stores are easily accessible from the doorstep. Another good thing is it is located at a close distance to Gulshan. Therefore, you will be in touch with an elite neighborhood. It will bring more positivity to the lifestyle. You will find an overall peaceful environment. 




If you are looking for an authentic diplomatic zone to live in Dhaka, you should consider the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone as your preferred place. You will find there widely open roads, green spaces for relaxation, and a beautiful overview. This upscale residential area features luxurious apartments and fully furnished apartments. The area will offer you high security and a high standard of living. Considering those factors, Baridhara is a perfect residential area in Dhaka having all essential facilities. By living here, you can make it an ideal balance of accessibility. That sounds great, doesn’t it? 


But we have more exciting facts to inform you. The Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is totally free from noise pollution. You can live here a peaceful life without any noise disturbance. Baridhara diplomatic zone is the only area in Dhaka that offers such an advantage. In general, you will hear the high sound of vehicles, mills, and factories. But the scenario is totally different in Baridhara. As the area is developed as a dedicated residential area, this is going to exceed your expectations as the best place to live in Dhaka. 


It has a club, park, and green zone for spending quality leisure time. You can go to the club with your friends to play some indoor games. If you are not interested in going to a club, a park, and green zone is available for you. We can assure you that you are going to be fascinated by the pleasant view of the green zone. It’s very rare to find such a natural environment within Dhaka city. You will feel like you have to visit somewhere outside Dhaka. The Environment is totally different from the busy capital city. 


Final Words 

At this stage, the above comprehensive guidelines should clarify your thoughts about the best place to live in Dhaka. We have informed you of the key factors that can assist you in choosing the best living place according to your preference. Now, you have to take some time to make a judgment based on those preferences. If you choose which place you should move to, then you can look for the best apartment for rent in Dhaka. 

RENTS can assist you with finding the best apartment for rent within your budget in Dhaka. Through our rental listings, you can choose any type of apartment that suits your preference. We can assist you in finding luxurious apartments for rent, Furnished apartments for rent, and Fully furnished apartments for rent. We can assist you with both short-term and long-term stays. Do you have any queries related to renting a property in Dhaka? Don’t hesitate to call us now. 



Q. Which area of Dhaka is the most rich?

A. Gulshan is the richest area in Dhaka city. You can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Gulshan having all modern facilities. You are going to be fascinated with the beauty of this posh area. 

Q. Where do foreigners live in Dhaka?

A. Most of the foreigners prefer to live in Gulshan. Some foreigners like to stay in Banani. So, Banani and Gulshan are two such places where foreigners live in Dhaka. 

Q. Where is the best place to buy an apartment in Dhaka?

A. If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle having all modern facilities, Gulshan will be the best place for you to buy an apartment in Dhaka. As a dedicated residential area, you can choose Baridhara diplomatic zone to buy an apartment in Dhaka. 

Q. Is Dhaka a good place to live? 

A. Considering the lifestyle, environment, and cost of living, Dhaka is considered as a good place to live. You can find different types of places according to your preference. Dhaka is suitable for both luxurious lifestyles and simple lifestyles. 

Q. Which are the safest areas to live in Dhaka?

A. Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmodni, and Baridhara are the top 4 safest areas to live in Dhaka. You can choose any of those places to live with family or individually without any hesitation. 

Q. What is the best residential area in Dhaka for expats? 

A. Gulshan and Banani are two top choices for expats as the best residential area in Dhaka. You can find luxurious apartments here that are preferable for expats. 


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