Which is the best place to live in Dhaka – RENTS
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Which is the best place to live in Dhaka – RENTS

The top places in Dhaka are for the facilities and amenities near where you live. Dhaka, the country’s capital of Bangladesh, has seen a lot of progress and expansion in both socioeconomic fields. Therefore, people are moving to the capital city more and more every day, which means there is always a high supply of housing in the residential parts of the city. People can live in a few places in the city, even though the city has many places to live. About 18 million people live in Dhaka, which is the center of Bangladesh. It is also the largest city in the country. In addition, being one of the biggest cities in the country, it is one of the most important cities in southern Asia. There are many places to live in the city. Let’s look at some of them.


Gulshan and the Diplomatic Community

Gulshan is a part of Dhaka, where most foreign diplomats are. There are also a lot of private members-only youth groups in Gulshan. Gulshan started as a model community, but it has grown over the years, so now it’s a mix of residential and business space. In addition, Gulshan is home to high-end boutique stores, marketplaces, renowned schools, colleges and bazaars. Plus, the renowned United hospital uplifts its location’s amenities.

Because there are so many foreign diplomats in Gulshan, it’s the best place for foreign dignitaries coming to Bangladesh. The residences and apartment buildings in the suburb of Gulshan have a lot of unique features and are great for people who like to have a lot of space and like to attract.


Dhaka’s Banani neighborhood is well-known in Bangladesh. The elite class people prefer to live here. Therefore, It has high-end homes, well-planned roads, and other things that aren’t cheap. The serenic beauty and quiet road make it a nice place to live. Plus, you can easily move anywhere in Dhaka using particular transport from here. The city’s some of the prestigious educational institutes i.e., Northern University, the University of South Asia, SouthEast University, Primeasia University, and so on you can find here. There are many people from different colleges in Dhaka who live here. Rental costs are a little bit high compared to other parts of Dhaka city.

Besides, you can find some of the famous restaurants on every corner for example ChilloxYum Cha DistrictTakeOut and many more.

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is a lakeside neighborhood.

Baridhara is next to the Gulshan neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is next to the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake.

This area is primarily home to high-end residential properties. There are many homes in this area that are residential. In addition, the house of this place comes with 3-4 bedrooms, a big living room, and all the other things you need in a modern home. People who go to the American International School of Dhaka live there. Many diplomats are living here, so the government ensures tight security and makes it a safe zone. If you like quiet places, hopefully, this could be the best choice.

Basundhara Residential Area

Dhaka city’s most sophisticated residential area is undoubtedly Basundhara. People who want serenity, peace, and to live an organized life tend to build a nest here. Basundhara is famous for the nearest shopping mall Jamuna Future Park, the largest lifestyle shopping complex in Asia. Further, this area has two noteworthy educational institutions: North South University and Independent University Bangladesh. Besides, here lies a renowned hospital named Apollo. The neighborhood of Basundhara has a well-organized infrastructure and roads and surveillance and security system that is well-known. Therefore, anyone can live here with tranquility.


This neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the city’s wealthiest places. It has been growing at a steady rate since the 1950s. There were two-story residences in the beginning. However, there have been a lot of fundamental property developments in the last few years, and Dhanmondi is becoming more business-friendly. Several schools and universities can be found in the Dhanmondi area of Dhaka, which is recognized as a university city in Bangladesh, namely Daffodil International University. Most of the homes are in residential units. In addition, there are also a lot of shopping centers and many restaurant chains. You can also find the famous medical hospital, Ibn Sina within the locality.

Look at a few of the luxury apartments and residences on the market in Dhaka to see if they’re what you want to live in. Many high-end apartments and homes with two or three bedrooms and bathrooms that each have their own space are for sale. They’re in a good location near all the things you want to do.

The Expat Community in Dhaka

The expats who move to Dhaka will find a place to live in Banani, Baridhara, and Gulshan, which are in the northern suburbs of Dhaka. Most expat clubs are in this area. If you need any help as a foreigner, you can reach out to ‘Rents’ -Dedicated Property Portal in Dhaka. Likewise, when you first move to Dhaka, we will be more than happy to help you out. The places listed in this article are some of the top secured areas to live in. You can have everything from the hospitals, educational institutes, shopping malls, restaurants walking within a few minutes. Again, if you find it difficult to choose where to live, simply knock on our website; that’s all you need to do. Rest is up to us.


Final Thought

Finding the best places to rent can be challenging when you’re not from Dhaka. Most rental resorts say that their services are top-notch. Is it true? There isn’t a correct answer. You can’t trust everyone with something so important. Rents.com.bd can show you all the best commercial spaceoffice spacefurnished apartmentsresidential apartments and even buying property in Dhaka to make things easier. Visit this site and choose a place to stay. It’s also possible to get help from us through live chat. For now, check out the best rental properties in Dhaka that we found for you below.


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