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Here is why you need to rent an office space in Baridhara Diplomatic zone

If you are wishing to rent office space in a prestigious location, this is the perfect place for you, hopefully. Here we are talking about the Baridhara area that is considered an upscale and serene location in Dhaka . The prestigious tag is attached due to providing the area for the majority of the embassy. It can easily be assumed that here lies top-class security as well as other facilities too. Hence, your worrying about the services like electricity, internet, gas, and others will eliminate, if you can manage office space rent in Baridhara diplomatic zone.

In a word, Baridhara diplomatic zone is a perfect place for taking office space. Also, it will uplift your brand value. But taking office space in such an elite location becomes difficult due to having an information deficit. We will fulfill your information deficit through this article, so keep in touch until finishing the last word.

A brief overview of Baridhara Diplomatic Zone

Among the few other well-known areas for living or office rent in Dhaka, Baridhara is one of them. It is adjacent to Gulshan-Baridhara lake. Notably, Baridhara is widely known for keeping the majority of foreign embassies and high commissions. That diplomatic zone lies in the south-west portion. Apart from the diplomatic zone, here lie two portions, such as the eastern portion, which are used as a residential area, and the north-east porting is for the DOHS.

Why did you choose the Baridhara diplomatic zone for office?

Indeed, when you can ensure an appropriate place as office space, you can expect maximum productivity from your employee because of some amenities. You already have got a gist overview of why you choose this area. But we think that isn’t enough to make the decision, that’s why we discuss in detail in the following.


We have nothing special to say because the “Diplomatic Zone” implies a lot. Definitely, that word brings the prestigious tag. However, when you have an office in the Baridhara diplomatic zone, it brings a sense of pride indeed.

We don’t need to express it in terms of security because naturally, this diplomatic zone gets top priority. You can see enough security patrol, police station, and others to ensure top-class safety.

Tranquil Surroundings
This place is free from the huge hustle and bustle due to ensuring top-class security; hence the environment naturally remains calm. During office break, you can refresh your mind slightly by walking outside or on the rooftop.

Convenient location
While searching for a job, most employees keep the convenient location on their priority list. You know that our transportation facility isn’t good enough, that’s why when the office place falls in an awkward position, it will become a burden for the employee. Thankfully, you will find enough transportation facilities that will ensure your commuting easily.

Moreover, the area is cleaned, quiet, and the road that goes through the zone is spacious enough. Here you can find enough cafes and restaurants that hopefully relieve you from carrying a tiffin box.

Utility Facility
You may know only a few locations have amenity-rich locations tag. Among those, the Baridhara diplomatic zone is one. Naturally, the government is bound to ensure full-time better utility services because here stay foreign diplomats. If you get an office space nearby, you also can get those services easily.

Which factors should you pay attention to while taking rent in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone?

While renting an office space herein, you have to consider some points, such as:

Deposit Amount
Almost all the homeowners take handsome money in advance as security. Not all take the same amount; somewhat, it varies from owner to owner. This amount you can get back after leaving the place. Whatever all those, when you are looking for office space herein, you have to see if the deposit amount bearable or not.

Property Size
You can find the various size of Office Space Rent in Banani . You have to choose the office size depending on your number of employees, your nature of work, etc.

Rental amount
Knowing the rental amount isn’t tough today; you can easily get that from the site. Moreover, some provide contact details to meet personally. Also, some owners give the bargaining option.

Interior and Exterior
If you rent the office space for the buying house, naturally here the foreign inspector comes frequently. In that case, you have to ensure the elegant and executive look of the office. To ensure those, the interior and exterior looking matter much. In a nutshell, you have to choose the office decoration depending on to whom you provide service.

Furnished or Non-furnished Office Space
You can find both furnished and non-furnished office space in the Baridhara diplomatic zone. If you wish to avoid furniture choosing related pain, you can select the furnished office space.

Utility Facility
Under the utility facility, you have to examine whether the office space ensures uninterrupted internet, gas, water, electricity, cleaning facilities.

Why you choose for office space rent in Baridhara Diplomatic zone?

You will find many office spaces in the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. But taking information of those physically is really tiresome and time-consuming. To avoid complexity in searching, you can visit rentsbd from here, you can get authentic enough information on office space in the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone.

Rentsbd will act as a third party and help to make a hassle-free deal between the parties. You can tension-freely take service from here by paying a minimal amount as a service charge. So, why make the late visit rentsbd to choose your dream space.

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