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What to bring when moving to a furnished apartment- RENTS

You conserve time, energy, and money by renting a fully furnished apartment. Furthermore, it assists in reducing several of the struggles to cope with relocation. You won't have to bother purchasing new apartment furniture, equipment, or bedding. And pay expensive shifting charges or undertake any heavy work or time-consuming construction. Although every rents.com.bd furnished property is fully equipped,...


14 Question To Ask About A Rental Property In Dhaka- RENTS

Renting a rental property in Dhaka was once a simple task, according to what we've been informed. Operating even a modest rental portfolio may now be extremely tough. Thanks to a long list of criteria and often slimmer overall profitability, optimizing earnings is all the more vital. Developing a set of questions for your rental candidates is one approach to optimize your possibilities while lowering the...

Furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka

Top 10 Reasons To Rent A Furnished Apartment In Popular Area Dhaka

What do you think, when you are looking for a furnished home in Dhaka city? Because the living cost is really expensive compared to other South Asian cities. More interestingly, you will find the cost is slightly higher than Dubai and Washington DC. Dhaka Tribune reported the living cost goes up 6.88% in 2020. Many of you out there may have thought to yourself while looking for a furnished home in Dhaka...

House rent in Dhaka

5 Things You Can Never Avoid: House For Rent In Dhaka

When we look up a house for rent in Dhaka, we must consider a lot of things. Make sure they will not remain unchecked before the renting deal. By the way, the different location in Dhaka comes with different issues as well. For example, while renting in the posh areas like Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Banani and Gulshan, then you may need to pay the advance rent for up to 03 to 06 months. Besides, there are...

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Ways to maintain a good relationship with your landlord- RENTS

Landlords can sometimes be irritating and enforce a lot of rules on their renters. They can make your life difficult and sometimes miserable as well. What if we said life could be pretty easy if you keep good humour with your landlord? So, what are the ways to maintain a good relationship with your landlord? There are no hard and fast rules to maintain when it comes to the landlord-tenant relationship....

Rental property in Dhaka

07 Best Tips to Negotiate Your Rent- RENTS

Flat or office rents in Dhaka can exceed normal limits when you have very little experience of the present scenario. Afraid? These easy tips to negotiate your rent will make your life easier and improve your negotiating ability. Adapting a straightforward and practical tone can help too, but not when the land has a high demand. Many of us don't have what it takes to negotiate about the rent...

Modern architect in Dhaka

What is better- buying or renting? Let’s find out- RENTS

When it comes to renting or merely buying a property, both of them have their points. However, the benefits depend on the person and how they want to utilize their money in the long run. So, what is better- Buying or renting a house? Buying a property includes some benefits like no yelling from the homeowner, forms a permanent asset, no rules, and so on. Then again, renting has no down payment, no home...

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Top 08 benefits of staying on rent in Dhaka- RENTS

Have you ever realized why you need the top benefits of staying on rent in Dhaka? An unpleasant fact is seriously affecting the lives of mass people, especially the middle and lower-middle class. Yes, I am talking about the modern world's living cost, which is dramatically increasing day by day. And for that, the lion's share of people meet their third fundamental need, "Shelter," by staying on...

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